It’s a great system in relation to speed, and cost. You are saving 60% of your build up to floor level on man hours, labour, plants.
It’s costing you €4,000 the KORE way, €10,000 the traditional way.
We’re building 16 houses, and have a deadline of 12 weeks, and starting with four men, including one digger driver, we have eight slabs done in two weeks, six houses done up to first floor joist level.  It’s taking us two days for a pair of semi-detached houses from start to finish.
We wouldn’t work with any other system now.


KC Civils

Self Builder

We use KORE as our primary source of EPS for retro-fitting homes in Ireland, in various different thicknesses.

We choose KORE as they are reliable and I do not buy from anywhere else in Ireland as I have no need to!! The service is second to none.

I find Leon and Glen extremely helpful in organising either deliveries straight to site or at a time we require in the warehouse. Our requirements for materials sometimes change at the last moment but the lads always manage to sort it out for us!  Can I also add that the drivers are lovely lads and always give us a hand off loading bales.

Green Zone Products

External Wall Insulation Installer

Raymond Galligan and team installed KORE’s Insulated Foundation System on a 150 sqft home extension in Virginia, Co Cavan in June 2020.

This ICF build faced a number of challenges including difficult ground conditions, built on sandy soil. The design of the extension was more complex than average with various angles, and with budget restraints on the homeowner. 

Raymond told us why he chose to use KORE’s Insulated Foundation System:

‘The main reason was it was suitable for the ground conditions, and had seen it worked well before with ICF builds. It was simple to install, the main work was the pipework and underfloor heating, but the complete system was easy to install and took three of us just three days to complete. 

We used a lot less concrete than we would with a traditional strip, and that saved the homeowner a lot of money. Overall the cost was a lot better using this system than traditional, but also we got great U-values for the customer. As I said the design had 10 corners, which is unusual for an extension, and we were worried about how it would work, but KORE provided a bespoke system, designed precisely to the engineers plans. 

We recommend KORE’s Insulated Foundation System to all our customers, and are currently waiting on another system to be manufactured this week for a 4,500 sq/ft new build in Cavan Town’.

Raymond Galligan Carpentry & Construction

Building Contractor

We contacted KORE after hearing about the SEAI Warmer Homes Scheme from a friend. We have a house that was built in 2004 and we were concerned about the lack of insulation. After being sent the form and a chat on the phone we were  told that we should be covered to get our house insulated. When we were getting the work done, the communication was brilliant- I was informed of the process and the guys arrived promptly. Once they arrived, the guys got straight to work, they drilled the holes to pump the insulation in. The guys worked together ensuring the  job would be completed within one day. We had vents installed in two rooms also and all work was performed to a very high standard. Once completed the guys spent over an hour cleaning up after themselves. The finish to house was brilliant and we find it very difficult to find where they had drilled the holes as they matched the finish to the original pebble dash.
The insulation has proven to be a huge success and we have definitely noticed the difference over the winter months.

I would highly recommend KORE as we were initially skeptical that we could get this work done without having to put our hands in our pockets but we would definitely encourage everyone to apply to get their houses insulated, as it save you huge money in the long run on heating and keeps you warm in the meantime. A great scheme provided by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and implemented by KORE. Professional service and lovely to deal with.


Warmer Homes Scheme Customer

The team at Timber Frame Ireland recently installed a KORE Insulated Foundation system on a new timber frame build in Co. Mayo. The client wanted a Passive Foundation to match their super insulated, airtight structure and that’s exactly what they got with KORE.

Matching our wall panel detail, the KORE system completely eliminates cold bridging, achieving a highly efficient u-value of just 0.10 W/m2K.

Donovan and the team at KORE were excellent from start to finish. Looking forward to the next install!

Timber Frame Ireland

Building Contractor

I just wanted to drop an email to you on behalf of my wife and I to say how happy we are with the KORE Products, but more so with the service we received from you through the entire process.

I have been in contact with numerous Irish companies in the last 18 months trying to get information on systems, prices and sometimes just a call back. Without a shadow of doubt you have been the only company to do what they said they would do when they said it. Your website is packed with easy to find information and the products we received have been so easy to install. the KORE Lock and Floor went down so easy as per attached images.

Finally your delivery driver as the face of the company who arrived on site could not have been more accommodating and nicer to deal with.

We have recommended KORE to multiple other people who are building and its always a pleasure to pass on your contact information.

Robert Byrne

Self Builder
KORE Insulation Customer

I must admit that when it was proposed by MMA Architects for a new project it took awhile for me to trust the system. After completing the first project I was converted.

KORE has a great team around them for technical support, and Tanner Structural Designs Ltd had the structural drawing well detailed which made the whole process seamless. 

The KORE Insulated Foundation System has many advantages over the traditional strip and raft foundation systems. This includes less materials underground, elimination of cold bridging between the floor wall junction, and when complete the project is at finished floor level.

We look forward to using the KORE Insulated Foundation System on our future projects.

G Seery Construction Ltd

Building Contractor
Our first project using an insulated foundation was a certified Passive House which we constructed in 2013.
We find the system much cleaner, with less machines and less labour to the formation level, and the system is less affected by weather than it’s traditional counterparts. Once the formation level is complete, it’s quite an easy process to assemble the foundation.
The KORE Insulated Foundation System offers great thermal and insulation properties, zero wastage on concrete, is suitable for poor ground conditions and offers cleaner working conditions.

J&B O’Sullivan Builders Ltd

Building Contractor

Glavloc Build Systems aim to create A-rated homes that are built in a quarter of the time as a traditional build. Our main priorities are quality, sustainability and timing. We chose KORE’s Insulated Foundation System for many reasons: it eliminates cold bridging, it’s quick to install, which is important to us, it reduces site excavation & waste, and eliminates blockwork. We use KORE’s EPS boards on internal walls, roof and as mentioned the insulated foundation system. We chose KORE as all products are high quality, delivered on time, and even sometimes before, easy to install, excellent customer service, and are a fundamental part in achieving our A-rated builds.

Glavloc Build Systems

Glavloc Build Systems
The advantages of the Insulated Foundation System is the simplified application and reducing the quantity of trades to get to the finished floor in comparison to both the strip and raft foundation. This method also allows personnel to get familiar with the configuration of assembly so the process can save significant time. It takes the raft idea and flips the layouts with your insulation on the outer perimeter, which again has advantages as creating a seal/envelope is easier achieved.
There are cost savings as the material ticks two boxes – it serves as your insulation and your vertical shutter. This means you avoid getting a blocklayer at this early stage. When you’ve that assembled, you don’t need to follow up with the internal insulation as a raft and cut around all the upstands. Saving time, saves money.

This system is simple and works – it’s trialed and tested. It has the required certification. It is going to be the applied method of the future once it gains momentum.

M Fitzgibbons Contractors

Building Contractor

Was looking for a solution to give the best insulation possible for the foundation and floor area and to avoid any thermal bridging if possible. The KORE system met both of these criteria.

No overall extra cost for installation when compared with a traditional foundation system (possibly even lower)  Lower fuel bills, more comfort – the floors never feel cold even when the underfloor system is not on. Has never been on in any of the bedrooms and still the floor feels warm when walking on bare feet.

Absolutely recommend it – ease of installation, speed of installation, it’s a manufactured system which gives quality control and reassurance regarding the installation process. And after installation you have all the benefits of a very well insulated foundation/floor which cannot be matched by any of the traditional foundation construction methods.

Sean Harrington

Self Builder

‘At U-Value Spray Foam Insulation we are proud to work with KORE products for the one simple reason, it works.

You have peace of mind knowing the product you are using is fully compliant and won’t let you down in terms of results’.

Richard Berns

U-Value Spray Foam Insulation