At KORE we're more like family than a business. Although we may look like a small team, we've sure accomplished a lot. Our products can be found under the motorways around Ireland, under the Dublin Spire, on the set of Penny Dreadful and in homes and businesses across Ireland and the UK. Our products are Guaranteed Irish and are manufactured right here in the country, in Kilnaleck Co. Cavan! We're good at what we do - and that's why we've been in business for over 40 years.

Meet our Sales and Business Development Team


Noel Brady - Managing Director

Noel Brady has been a Managing Director at KORE for over 18 years. Noel has a passion for manufacturing and supplying the construction industry with high quality products and services that help to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. 

Noel is responsible for the day to day operation of the business, the office staff and the production teams. He manages relationships with our outside vendors and suppliers and plays an active role in the local community, sponsoring community organisations throughout the year.

When Noel isn't at the office you can catch him at the local GAA match. Up Cornafean!

You can connect with Noel on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Caroline Ashe - Commercial Director

As Commercial Director, Caroline Ashe is responsible for ensuring we supply our customers with the products and services they need to meet their insulation requirements. Quality is key and is an aspect of our business Caroline is passionate about. Caroline has worked in the insulation and construction industry for 11 years and continues to be motivated and exited by the opportunities that exist to construct super energy efficient buildings in Ireland.

When Caroline's not at work you can catch her in the garden with friends and family or visiting her hometown of Portmarnock. 

You can connect with Caroline on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Steven Magee - Technical Sales Manager

Steven Magee has been a Business Development Executive at KORE for over eight years. Steven plays a critical roll in helping KORE find and source new business for all of KORE's range of products. In addition, Steven provides customer service to all potential and current clients on-site and in person. Steven's deep understanding of product requirements and building regulations makes him a valuable part of the KORE team. You'll see Steven in the south of the Ireland, including South Dublin, Wexford, Waterford, Cork and Kerry.

When he's not traveling the south of the country, you can catch him at various football matches (mainly Arsenal and Ireland) at home and abroad.

You can connect with Steven on Twitter and LinkedIn




Andrew Butler - Technical Sales Manager

Andrew Butler has been a Business Development Executive for KORE for the past 2 years. Andrew graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology and has a varied background in engineering and architecture, giving him the perfect mix of skills and education needed to excel in his role as a Business Development Executive for KORE. You'll see Andrew around the north of Ireland, including North Dublin, Louth, Cavan, Galway and Northern Ireland.

When Andrew's not working you can catch him fighting around the Dublin area. Andrew is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do and also an instructor of the Korean martial art. 

You can connect with Andrew on Twitter and LinkedIn.




John B. Smith - Retrofit Programme Manager

John B. Smith (or just John B.) has been a Business Development Executive for KORE for over a year. With a background in the construction industry, John B. is responsible for helping bring KORE products to new markets. When John B. is not in the office you can catch him traveling all over the country meeting with architects, engineers and other industry professionals. John B. also helps manage our Energy Efficiency Incentive and past Better Energy Communities Schemes.

When John B. isn't working you can catch him at the local Killinkere football pitch. 

You can connect with John B. on Twitter and LinkedIn


Kieran Sheridan - Production Manager

Kieran Sheridan has been a Production Manager and a member of the KORE team for a number of years. Kieran's responsibilities include supervising the production team, ensuring orders meet deadlines and that each and every order is fulfilled to the highest quality standards. Kieran works with office administration and the business development teams to ensure orders are processed smoothly and ready for the job site on the day it's needed. 



Meet our Marketing Team



Brian Flax - Marketing Executive

Brian Flax has been a Marketing Executive for KORE for over a year. Brian is responsible for running and maintaining KORE's website, online social media presence and helping to create online and offline marketing materials. You can usually catch Brian online through the website's live chat, or on the company's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Brian has a passion for sustainability and spreading the message about healthy buildings and environmentally friendly construction.

When Brian's not in the office you can usually catch him traveling abroad.

You can connect with Brian on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Meet our Office Administration Team


Ailish O'Reilly - Office Administrator

Ailish O'Reilly has been an Office Administrator and the voice of for KORE for more than 13 years. She's most likely the first person you talk to when calling the office! Ailish ensures the office is in proper working order day in and day out. In fact, she keeps the office in such good shape that she's not allowed to take any holidays (kidding, but really we wouldn't survive without her!).

You can connect with Ailish on Twitter or by calling +353 49 4336998.




Emma Sheridan - Office Administrator

Emma Sheridan is the newest addition to the KORE team and is reponsible for the administration of a number of programmes, including KORE's Warmer Homes Scheme. Emma ensures the scheme is running smoothly for all our customers from start to finish. Emma also provides valuable support for the KORE team and the ensures the smooth operation of the office from day to day.

When Emma isn't at the office you can catch her working on her newly purchased home just steps away from the KORE office. Now that's dedication!