Hammersmith HAMPS Void Formers - Thames Tideway, London - Case Study


Hammersmith HAMPS Project Details

Project Name: Hammersmith HAMPS Void Formers for Thames Tideway

Products Used: KORE Void Formers

Main Contractor: FK Lowry Piling

Main Client: Thames Tideway

KORE Sales Rep: Andrew Butler (@KOREAndrew)

About the Hammersmith HAMPS Project

The Tideway Project is currently underway in London creating a new "super sewer" connecting the city to the River Thames. London's existing sewer system is no longer fit for purpose, spilling millions of tonnes of sewage into the tidal section of the Thames every year. When complete, the Tideway project will help to protect the River Thames from overflow, diverting sewage into a tunnel instead of the river itself. Planning for the Thames Tideway project began in 2014 and construction is expected to be completed by 2023. 

KORE Void Formers with Millimeter Accuracy

FK Lowry, a piling contractor part of the Lagan Group, chose KORE Void Formers for the Hammersmith HAMPS portion of the Tideway project - works being completed around the Hammersmith Pumping Station. 

FK Lowry chose KORE EPS70 White Void Formers, creating a temporary formwork to facilitate the piling works. The voids required precision accuracy down to the millimeter, as the project was very precise with high specifications including radius layouts and void radius up to 1200mm. KORE Void Formers were used on three sections, including:

  • Hammersmith Pumping Station combined service overflow (CSO) shaft
  • Connection culvert between the interception chamber and CSO drop shaft
  • Interception Chamber

The completed works will reduce the amount of untreated sewage overflow into the river from 2,210,000mto 104,000mper annum. The full planning statement can be found on the Thames Tideway Tunnel website.

Additional technical information can be found in the detailed plans below. 

FK Lowry Pods - Hammersmith.jpg


KORE Void Formers for River Thames Tideway Piling.png



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