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Addragool, Moycullen, Co Galway Project Details

Project NameScandinavian Homes Galway Detached House in Addragool, Moycullen, Co Galway

Products Used: KORE Passive Foundation System, Parok Rockwool Wall Insulation, Warmcel Roof Insulation

Client: Scandinavian Homes Galway and Lars Pettersson

KORE Sales Rep: Andrew Butler (@KOREAndrew)

Photos and technical calculations and details provided by Scandinavian Homes Galway and Lars Pettersson.

The Energy Efficiency Problem

Scandinavian Homes Galway and Lars Pettersson have realised the need for energy efficient homes in Ireland. Many homes in Ireland lack sufficient insulation levels and as a result are cold, draughty and expensive for homeowners to heat. Many traditional Irish homes have a large carbon footprint and lack the ability to retain heat properly. Not only are these homes uncomfortable, but the inability to retain heat can lead to health problems for its occupants and damage to the structure of the home from condensation, mould growth and rot. Scandinavian Homes Galway have a solution to combat this problem right from the start.




The Solution

Scandinavian Homes Galway design and build houses to 'Super Passive' - their most common specification level. Incorporating KORE's Insulated Foundation System, they are able to achieve superior air tightness and insulation levels in the foundation, walls and roof. This design provides the homeowner with extremely low U-values while eliminating thermal bridges at all common junctions. The home's wall sections are manufactured off-site, helping to reduce the cost and carbon footprint throughout the supply chain. In addition, mechanical heat recovery ventilation and triple-glazed low emission argon filled glass help add to the energy efficiency of these homes.


This home, built near Addragool, Moycullen, Co Galway, utilises a number of components in the floor to help achieve a low U-value. The composition of the floor includes, among others:

  • 22mm timber floor
  • Concrete
  • KORE Passive Foundation - 200mm SD White, 80mm HD White and an HD White Profile to the perimeter 


The wall to floor thermal bridging calculations are displayed below:



KORE's Insulated Foundation System helps to eliminate the critical wall-to-floor cold bridge commonly found in non-insulated, traditional foundation systems in Ireland.

Walls and Roof

Scandinavian Homes Galway utilised the following components in its wall and roof construction:

  • 335mm Parok Rockwool Insulation for wall insulation
  • 400mm Warmcel insulation in the roof

Insulation U-values achieved 


Product Building Regulations U-Value Achieved
 KORE Passive Foundation (200mm SD White, 80mm HD White and an HD White Profile to the Perimeter) 0.15W/m²K   0.10W/m²K
335mm Parok Rockwool Wall Insulation  0.21W/m²K 


400mm Warmcel Roof Insulation  0.16W/m²K   0.08W/m²K 

Scandinavian Homes Galway (www.scanhome.ie) have been able to construct a super insulated and airtight house utilising KORE's Passive Foundation, Parok Rockwool wall insulation and Warmcel roof insulation. In addition triple-glazed windows and a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system are used to create a 'Super Passive' timber frame house.

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