KORE's Floor Insulation solutions are made from high-quality expanded polystyrene and can be used for both new build and retrofit applications. KORE EPS is lightweight, durable and water resistant. In addition, KORE EPS is sustainable, maintenance free and will last the lifetime of the building. For our most up-to-date technical data sheets please visit the KORE Resource Centre or contact us directly to discuss your project requirements.


KORE Floor Insulation


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KORE Floor Insulation - Below Floor Slab

KORE Floor Insulation is a super versatile insulation product. Typical floor insulation applications include use below a concrete floor slab, below a concrete based screed on a concrete slab with a hardcore base, above a suspended beam and dense block floor and between the joists of a suspended timber floor. 

KORE Floor Insulation consists of rigid polystyrene boards cut from moulded blocks of EPS. The closed cell nature of the boards ensure a consistent thermal and compressive performance throughout the lifetime of the building. KORE Floor Insulation can be manufactured to accommodate very high compressive strengths, ensuring the product is suitable for domestic and commercial applications. 

KORE Floor products are available in two grades of material, silver and white, and a range of thicknesses to suit your needs. KORE Perimeter Strips are the perfect compliment with our floor insulation to ensure best practice when limiting thermal bridging.

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 KORE Passive Foundation - Insulated Foundation System


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Passive Foundation System (PassivHaus Insulation)

KORE's Passive Foundation is a insulated foundation system that works much like a traditional raft foundation. The Passive Foundation System is used for the construction of ground floors.

KORE's Passive Foundation EPS300 product allow the foundation to be built on structural grade expanded polystyrene. This effectively wraps the foundation of the building with EPS insulation, ensuring there is no thermal break between the wall and foundation, all without compromising the structural strength of the foundation. 

The KORE Passive Foundation is combined with KORE Floor EPS100 White to give a complete floor insulation solution. Typical U-values range from 0.09 to 0.10W/m2K while eliminating the critical wall-to-floor thermal bridge.

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