KORE are now supplying pipe lagging from Tubolit. Our pipe insulation is twice the thickness of pipe insulation currently available on the market. Our products offer a durable, economical solution to reduce heat loss from pipes, and prevent pipes from freezing during the winter months. 


The thermal conductivity of KORE Pipe Insulation is 0.035W/mK at 0°C and 0.039W/mK at 40°C. When it comes to thermal performance, we won't be beat. KORE Pipe Insulation saves energy on hot and cold water plumbing. By insulating the pipes, they will not freeze in the cold weather and will help to minimise water heating costs.

KORE Pipe Insulation is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to ensure that every pipe in the home is well insulated. KORE Pipe Insulation from Tubolit can be used on both the interior and exterior of the building.








Pipe insulation works by introducing thermal resistance and reducing heat flow, much like many other applications of EPS insulation, like cavity wall insulation or external wall insulation. Most pipes that carry hot water are able to handle very high temperatures that far exceed the surrounding air. The difference in temperature between the water in pipe and the external environment can be significant, leading to considerable heat loss when no insulation is present. 

The thermal resistance of pipe insulation slows the rate at which heat can escape into the surrounding ambient air. This ensures that hot water stays up to temperature for longer periods of time, reducing the amount of energy required to heat, and strain on the heating system itself. Pipe insulation can be purchased in a variety of thicknesses, depending on the size of the pipe and its operating temperature. 



KORE's Pipe Insulation by Tubolit is rot-proof, oudourless and non-hydroscopic. In addition to offering excellent thermal performance, it will not sustain vermin or encourage growth of fungi or mould. Here are a few key benefits:

Prevent Pipes From Freezing

Pipe insulation prevents pipes from freezing in cold weather. Pipes that are outside of the home or located in unheated spaces may be subjected to freezing temperatures. Since water expands as it freezes, uninsulated pipes may fail, leading to significant damage and even flooding.

Prevents Condensation From Forming

Pipes that operate at temperatures below that of the surrounding environment are at a higher risk for condensation. Condensation that forms on the pipe's surface may lead to corrosion. Pipe insulation can prevent the formation of condensation as long as the insulation's temperature stays above the dew point and does not allow water to pass through to the surface of the pipe. 


Pipes that operate at extreme temperatures, hot or cold, carries a risk of injury to anyone that may come in contact with the pipe. Pipe insulation moderates the temperature at the surface, reducing the risk of injury.


Pipe insulation can reduce heat loss. This means water that's used for heating or hot water stays warm for longer periods of time, reducing the amount of energy required.

Reduce Noise and Vibrations

Pipe insulation can dampen noise that may travel through pipework from one part of the building to another, whether mechanical noise or noise caused by the pipe itself.


Pipe insulation makes your heating and hot water system more efficient, reducing the amount of energy required to heat and reducing strain on the heating system itself. Pipe insulation can pay for itself in a very short amount of time. In addition, KORE's Pipe Insulation from Tubolit is CFC and HCFC free.




KORE offers pipe insulation in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Refer to the chart below to determine the size and amount you'll need. You may also contact our technical team to discuss your requirements and request a quotation directly through our website.


Pipe Dimension You Need Units Sold
12mm (1/2") 15mm x 25mm -2m lengths 100m/Box
12mm (1/2") 15mm x 19mm - 2m lengths 134m/Box
19mm (3/4") 22mm x 19mm - 2m lengths 108m/Box
25mm (1") 28mm x 19mm - 2m lengths 96m/Box


pdf_icon.png Download the KORE Pipe Insulation Brochure


Pipe insulation may be purchased directly through the KORE Online Store. For large or bulk orders you can request a customised pipe insulation quotation through the website. 

Please refer to the table above for the quantity included for each size.