• The insulation between the joists should be installed first, as per the manufacturer's recommendations

  • Where possible services and electrical cables should be relocated towards the eaves. Alternatively, the boards can be installed around the existing services. Electric cabling can be run over the KORE Loft Attic Flooring System once a provision for trip hazard is provided. The KORE Loft board should not be chased to accommodate services as this affects the thermal bridging performance of the board

  • The board size is suited to accommodate joists at a maximum of 400mm centres

  • KORE Loft boards are laid perpendicular to the ceiling joists and fixed directly to the timber joist. The edge should sit directly on top of the timber joist

  • Boards should be fitted together at the tongue and groove

  • All boards should be level to avoid trip hazard for the building occupant

Cutting KORE Loft EPS Insulation

On-site trimming of boards where necessary to maintain continuity of insulation is easily executed using a fine tooth saw. Care must be taken to maintain the thickness, flatness and squareness of the board to achieve close butting of joints and continuity of insulation.

Packaging and Storage of KORE Loft Expanded Polystyrene

KORE Loft boards must be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight, and should be stored under cover in its original wrapping, not in contact with ground moisture and raised above ground level. Boards should be stored indoors. Care must be taken to avoid contact with solvents and with materials containing volatile organic components such as tar and newly treated timber.


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