KORE Passive Roof Insulation (PassivHaus Roof Insulation)

KORE Passive Roof System is a passive insulation system that offers the thermal and air-tightness properties that are required to achieve a passive standard. The System can be easily installed by a traditional timber roofer, with materials that can be all sourced locally, without the need for large quantities of expensive air-tightness membranes.

KORE Insulation is applied between and over the roof joists ensuring that the client is not limited in the amount of insulation that they want to install in their property. The KORE Passive Roof System is suitable for application in all building types.

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To insulate your entire build to passive standards combine the following three KORE Products:





KORE Passive Foundation System KORE External Wall Insulation KORE Passive Roof System
Passive Foundation Solution

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Passive External Wall System

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Passive Roof Solution

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