KORE EPS Void Formers are used extensively throughout the civil engineering profession for major works such as motorways, underpasses, shopping centres, foundations and embankments.

KORE EPS Void Formers are the ideal solutions for pre-cast concrete products. Concrete is poured around pre-moulded EPS shapes cut specifically to size. This minimises weight and enhances the strength of the concrete.

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KORE Expanded Polystyrene voids are used during the formation of foundations. EPS is the ideal solution as it will not absorb water. This ensures the adjacent concrete quality is unaffected. Our EPS blocks can be cut to suit individual site conditions.

Image: Luas Line Dublin




Void formers are extensively used to reduce the dead-weight of a variety of structures, including precast flooring beams and motorway bridges. By reducing the lateral forces a simpler foundation design is possible.





KORE manufacture and supply Trough and Waffle moulds form the formation of in-situ reinforced concrete ribbed floors. These moulds are both versatile and cost effective in their design.


KORE Void Formers are used during road embankment to reduce pressure on soil and are a cost effective solution for piled construction when traditional embankments are too heavy. The lightweight properties of EPS will provide the required load bearing foundations without causing settlement.



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