The benefits of using KORE Fill bonded bead cavity wall insulation are numerous. Here's a few to help make your decision a bit easier.

Cavity Wall Insulation U-Value Options

The U-value of KORE Fill is only limited by the width of the cavity. A 110mm cavity built with 2000kg blocks will achieve a U-value of 0.27 W/m²K while a 150mm cavity will achieve 0.20W/m²K. In simple terms, the wider the cavity, the lower the U-values can be achieved.

Cavity-Wall-Insulation-Design-Guide Learn more in our detailed KORE Fill Cavity Wall Insulation Design Guide

Superior Thermal Insulation Equals Money Saving

KORE Fill cavity wall insulation bonded bead is suitable for application in new and existing buildings. Up to 35% of heat loss in a building happens through the exterior walls. Where KORE Fill is installed occupants will benefit from a home that is easier to heat and retain, while at the same time reducing the volume of heating fuel required. While any insulation upgrade is an investment, KORE Fill cavity wall insulation has a relatively short payback period of 3 to 5 years on average.

Cavity Wall Benefits

The installation of KORE Fill does not hinder the function of the cavity. The natural matrix formed by the bead means moisture that penetrates the outer leaf will not travel through the cavity to the inner leaf. The water, by natural gravity, will flow to the weep holes at the bottom of the cavity. The cavity wall insulation bead bond together in a honeycomb type formation allowing air to circulate and the cavity to breath.

High Quality Product Performance

The KORE Fill System is rot-proof, water repellent, durable and will not degrade over time. It will not prejudice the fire resistance properties of the wall. Once installed properly the KORE Fill System will preform consistently for the life of the building with minimal maintenance requirements. 

Installation Benefits of KORE Fill Cavity Wall Insulation

KORE Fill is only installed by fully trained and accredited installers. As a client you will not have to handle the product in any way. There is no on-site storage or waste facilities required, and the installers bring their own specialised machinery and equipment. The installation process usually takes less than one day for both new builds and retrofits (weather permitting). Cavity wall insulation is installed from outside the home, minimising disruption to the home's occupants.

A Nationwide Network of Accredited Installers

KORE Fill bonded bead cavity wall insulation can only be installed by our nationwide network of KORE Fill installers, ensuring a high-quality installation every time. Our network extends to cover every county in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. All installers are specially trained to use the KORE Fill bonded bead product and installation equipment, and on-site audits are performed regularly to ensure compliance.

You can view an up-to-date list of certified and approved KORE Fill installers by viewing the Official KORE Fill Installers Register.  

KORE Fill Cavity Wall Insulation Approved Installers

Compliance with Ireland's Building Regulations

KORE Fill satisfies all necessary compliance issues regarding Building Regulations 1997 to 2007. Part L requires a minimum U-value of 0.21 W/m2K for new build wall construction. KORE Fill easily satisfies this requirement. The U-value is only restricted by the width of the wall cavity. Buildings constructed with a wider cavity can avail of lower U-values when using KORE Fill cavity wall insulation. For most new-build applications 150mm of KORE Fill Bonded Bead would achieve a U-value of 0.21 W/m2K.

Contact our technical team today to discuss individual project requirements and U-value calculations.

On-Site Storage

KORE Fill cavity wall insulation requires no on-site storage before, during or after installation. Our approved installers handle all storage of materials to and from the job site. All materials are removed from the site at the end of each day, maximising your working space and increasing on-site health and safety. 

KORE Fill Machinery

KORE's certified and approved installers will provide all required machinery to install KORE Fill cavity wall insulation. No machinery is left on the job site, even for works that take longer than one day to complete. The client will not have to handle any equipment or assist with the installation in any way.

No On–Site Waste

KORE Fill cavity wall insulation is stored and installed directly from the approved installer's vehicle. This limits access to the material and leaves no on-site waste at the end of the day. Any unused bead remains in the installer's vehicle and is removed upon completion of works or at the end of each work day. There is no packaging to deal with and all loose bead is promptly cleaned after the works are finished.

Fill Certainty

The installation equipment and technique is designed to guarantee that every square meter of the wall is completely filled with KORE Fill Bonded Bead. All installers are trained and certified to ensure that the wall cavity is filled to 100 percent every time. 

Time Saving

As the placement of the insulation is no longer the responsibility of the block layer the block walls will be finished quickly. Once the building is sealed from the elements the KORE Fill Installer will fill the cavity with bonded bead insulation. An average home installation takes one day to complete, although this could be extended due to adverse weather conditions or the size of building. 


The KORE Fill System has been independently assessed by the Irish Agrement Board (Certificate No 07/0293) and KORE Fill have a number of fully certified, approved and registered specialist installers nationwide. The KORE Fill system is fully accepted by Homebond and Premier Guarantee.

You can view a list of certified KORE Fill installers by viewing the Official KORE Fill Installers Register.


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