KORE Fill Cavity Wall Insulation Technical Data Sheet

Download a copy of the KORE Fill Cavity Wall Insulation Design Guide for detailed technical information, including typical U-value calculations, condensation risk analysis and specification guidelines. Please contact our technical team should you wish to discuss details specific to your project.


You may submit a quotation request for a new build directly to KORE, or alternatively to your local KORE Fill installer. Please follow the steps below to reduce turnaround time and to ensure your quotation is accurate:

Cavity Wall Insulation Quotation Step 1

We require a full set of your plans in either electronic or paper format. We accept electronic plans in AutoCAD or PDF format. Simply submit your quotation request online. All paper copies of plans can be posted to:

Airpacks Ltd t/a KORE
The Green
Co. Cavan

To reduce the turnaround time for your quotation, please submit your plans electronically whenever possible.

Cavity Wall Insulation Quotation Step 2 For an accurate quotation, plans should include all elevations, floor plans and sections.
Cavity Wall Insulation Quotation Step 3

Remember to send all of your contact details along with your set of plans: name, address, telephone number and email address, if available.

Cavity Wall Insulation Quotation Step 4

For the fastest turnaround time, please submit your plans electronically via our online system. Be sure to include any special requests or queries that you may have. 


KORE Fill Cavity Wall Insulation is the perfect solution for retrofit applications where a residual cavity wall width of at least 40mm exists for KORE Fill Original, or 50mm for KORE Fill Diamond. KORE Fill is approved for use in masonry cavity walls for both full fill and partial fill situations.

Existing Building Cavity Wall Insulation Quote Step 1

To arrange for a KORE Fill quotation for an existing building (retrofit), simply contact your local KORE Fill installer to organise an appointment. You may view a full list of KORE Approved contractors on our website. If you require assistance locating a cavity wall insulation installer please contact our office for assistance. You may also send us a live chat request during normal business hours.


Existing Building Cavity Wall Insulation Quote Step 2

Once on site, the installer will take physical measurements of your property in order to give an accurate quotation. Depending on the results of the survey, you may be able to choose between KORE Fill Original and our lower thermal conductivity bead KORE Fill Diamond.


 Properties Units 


 Thermal Conductivity 0.035W/mK 

11.5kg (dry weight)
12kg (pumped weight)

 Bead Size 3-8mm


 Properties Units 


 Thermal Conductivity 0.033W/mK 

11.5kg (dry weight)
12kg (pumped weight)

 Bead Size 3-8mm


 Properties Units 


Total Solids 56 - 58

Free from impurities or lumps. Residue on 177 micron sieve max 20ppm.

Form 3-8mm
Colour White
Odour Mild Sweet
Viscosity 1000 - 4000 mPA s @ 20oC
Freezing Point 0oC
Boiling Point 100oC
Minimum Operating Temperature 5oC
pH 7.0 - 9.0




KORE Fill bead and bonding agent are injected into the wall cavity, through drill holes, using specifically designed equipment. The KORE Fill certified drilling pattern insures that the entire cavity is completely filled. Installation of the KORE Fill bonded bead product must only be carried out by KORE or one of our NSAI trained and approved installers. For details about your local installer or our installation manual, please contact our team today.

Consult our KORE Fill Installers Register for approved and certified KORE Fill Bonded Bead installers across Ireland and the UK.