Superior Thermal Insulation Equals Money Saving

The KORE Key partial fill cavity wall insulation is suitable for application in new buildings, while KORE Linear Dry Lining sheets can be applied in both new and existing buildings. 35% percent of heat loss in a building is through the walls. Where KORE Fill cavity wall insulation is installed occupants will benefit from a home that is easier to heat and retain while at the same time reducing the volume of heating fuel required.

KORE Key Partial Fill Cavity Wall Insulation U-Value Options

The U-value of the KORE Key system is only limited by the width of the cavity and the width of the insulation applied to the KORE Linear sheet.

Control of Surface and Interstitial Condensation

The combination of the KORE Key partial fill cavity wall insulation along with the KORE Linear Dry Lining system prevents surface and interstitial condensation on the internal walls. KORE EPS products do not absorb water. This is particularly important in the prevention of mold growth and rot.

A Simple System to Install

KORE Key is installed by the block builder. The product is light weight, durable, easily cut, and safe making installation very simple.

High Quality Product Performance

The KORE Key System is rot-proof, water repellent, durable and will not degrade over time. It will not prejudice the fire resistance properties of the wall. Once installed properly the KORE Key System will preform consistently for the life of the building. When the life of the building has been met, KORE EPS can be recycled for reuse as insulation or many other products made from expanded polystyrene. 

Prevents Thermal Looping

The prevention of thermal looping is particularly important when installing cavity wall insulation. Thermal looping is a major contributor to heat loss and severe condensation in buildings. Thermal looping is caused by the movement of air in a cavity, and affects the insulation when it is not installed tightly against the inner block leaf. The KORE Key system is unique as it has a mortar key cut into each sheet. When installing the sheets into the cavity the mortar sits into the mortar key. This system allows the insulation to sit tightly against the inner leaf, thus preventing thermal looping and ensuring the insulation is performing at its highest level.