• It is recommended that the inner leaf of block work is constructed ahead of the outer leaf. The first run of boards may commence below the DPC level to provide floor edge insulation for typical construction
  • After every second course of block work the KORE Key boards are placed tightly against the inner leaf in the cavity and held in place by the wall ties. Wall ties should include a retaining clip/disc and double drip type, installed with the drip downwards
  • Always ensure that the tongue is facing upwards and that the mortar key is filled when laying the mortar bed. Vertical joints should be staggered. Excess mortar should be removed and mortar droppings cleaned from all exposed edges of the insulation boards
  • KORE Key boards should be overlapped at corner and secured using wooden skewers. KORE Key should be installed with a minimum residual cavity of 40mm in accordance with TGD Part L
  • Refer to the KORE Thermal Board Design Guide for specific installation instructions for the KORE Thermal Board product

Packaging & Storage

KORE Key insulation boards must be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight, and should be stored under cover in the original wrapping, not in contact with ground moisture and raised above ground level. Care must be taken to avoid contact with solvents and with materials containing volatile organic compounds such as tar and newly treated timber.

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