Better Energy Homes Scheme Insulation Grants 

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) provides grants and incentives to help homeowners update their insulation to today's standards. The following Scheme has been designed to upgrade the insulation in homes built before 2006. Homes built after 2006 are not eligible at this point in time. The Scheme also covers boiler and heating control upgrades and a portion of the cost for a Building Energy Rating (required). Please consult the Better Energy Homes Scheme frequently asked questions page if you have additional questions after reading the information below.


Many homes built before 2006 have insufficient levels of insulation. To help remedy this problem SEAI created the Better Energy Homes Scheme. This non-means tested Scheme provides cash grants for a variety of insulation and heating measures, including cavity wall insulation, attic insulation, internal wall dry lining, external wall insulation, high efficiency gas or oil-fired boiler upgrades, heating control upgrades and solar heating systems. 

Choose energy efficiency measures  1. CHOOSE THE MEASURES YOU WANT INSTALLED

The first step is deciding which measures you'd like to have installed in your home. You may need the help of a contractor to determine which type of insulation is suitable for your home. The same goes for boilers and heating controls should you choose to upgrade your heating system. You can pick and choose from as many measures as you'd like to install. You'll receive an additional bonus grant when you have a third or even a fourth measure installed.

Here's a full list of measures you can choose from, along with the cash grant amount:




Attic Insulation  Attic Insulation €400
Wall Insulation  Cavity Wall Insulation €400
  Internal Wall Dry-Lining  
  - Apartment (any) or Mid Terrace House €1,600
  - Semi-Detached or End of Terrace €2,200
  - Detached House €2,400
  External Wall Insulation  
  - Apartment (any) or Mid Terrace House €2,750
  - Semi-Detached or End of Terrace €4,500
  - Detached House €6,000
 Heating Controls Heating Control Upgrade €700
  Solar Heating €1200
Heat Pumps    
  - Air to Water Heat Pump €3,500
  - Ground Source to Water Heat Pump €3,500
  - Exhaust Air to Water Heat Pump €3,500
  - Water to Water Heat Pump €3,500
  - Air to Air Heat Pump €600
 BER Assessment A BER Assessment must be completed once the works are complete €50
 Bonus Grant  Bonus grant when third measure is installed €300
 Bonus Grant Bonus grant when fourth measure is installed €100

Choose an SEAI approved contractor  2. CHOOSE A CONTRACTOR

Any contractor that you choose must be SEAI registered. This ensures the contractor is NSAI Approved to install insulation, and on the RGII list as a registered gas installer. You can start by searching on the SEAI website for an installer in your area, or you can choose a contractor that is part of the KORE Network

The Better Energy Homes Scheme does not cover the full cost of the works, so it's still important to shop around and obtain multiple quotations. Make sure to check the references for any contractor you choose - don't base your decision on price alone. 

Once you choose a contractor you'll need to have a contract for works in place before the installation of any measures begins. Make sure you review the contract carefully.

 Submit your application to SEAI for approval  3. SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO SEAI FOR APPROVAL

If you start the work before you submit an application to SEAI for the Better Energy Homes Scheme you won't be eligible to receive the grant. Make sure you've submitted the application before the works begin and that SEAI has approved your application. You may submit your application online for immediate approval, or you can submit by post. If submitting by post, make sure you return your acceptance of the grant offer within 30 days of receipt. If you don't, the grant application will be cancelled and you will have to reapply.

Many contractors will help you throughout the application process, so don't be afraid to ask your contractor if you have any questions or if you're confused about the process. You can also ring SEAI on 1850 927000 to check on the status of your application or for general assistance.

Install the energy efficiency measures in your home  4. INSTALL THE MEASURES IN YOUR HOME

Once you've accepted your grant offer you'll have 6 months for the measures to be installed in your home. SEAI will not grant extensions, so make sure the measures are installed or you'll have to reapply. You may change contractors during the 6 month approval window, but it is your responsibility to ensure the contractor is SEAI registered and that the correct details have been given to SEAI for payment of the grant. 

Depending on the measures you've chosen, installation may take anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks. For example, cavity wall insulation may be installed in a few hours, while external insulation may take weeks as it is a much bigger job. The contractor will be able to give you a time line before you agree to the works.

Obtain a Building Energy Rating  5. OBTAIN A BUILDING ENERGY RATING

You must have a Building Energy Rating (BER) carried out on your home after the works have been installed, but before the expiration date of your grant offer (within the 6 month window). The BER must be conducted by a registered BER assessor. The BER will give you a letter grade for the energy efficiency of your home and related carbon dioxide emissions.


Once the insulation has been installed and you've paid the contractor or arranged for financing it's time to submit all your grant paperwork to SEAI. Make sure you keep all original invoices and receipts as SEAI may request copies. If measures on the original grant approval were not installed make sure they are cancelled on the paperworks that you return. In addition, make sure the documents are signed by yourself and your contractor in the appropriate places. Forms returned to SEAI after the expiry date of the grant approval will not be honoured, so don't be late!

Payment will be made to the bank account listed on the forms you return and may take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to receive. Make sure you and your contractor know exactly who will receive the grant and what account it will be paid to.

You will be paid a bonus grant of €300 when you install three measures in your home, and an additional €100 if you install a fourth. Here is an example of a typical Better Energy Homes insulation grant:


Cavity Wall Insulation


Attic Insulation


Heating Control Upgrades


Building Energy Rating Assessment


Bonus Grant


Total Grant from SEAI



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