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KORE Traditional build solution



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Solid Ground Floor KORE Floor 0.12 200mm Silver
Full Fill Cavity Wall KORE Fill + KORE Linear Drylining 0.12 200mm Silver + 40mm Silver
Partial Fill Cavity Wall KORE Key + KORE Linear Drylining 0.12 160mm Silver + 65mm Silver
Warm Pitched Roof KORE Lock + KORE Linear Drylining 0.12 250mm Silver + 40mm Silver
Cold Pitched Roof KORE Lock + KORE Linear Drylining 0.12 265mm Silver + 35mm Silver
Flat Ceiling KORE Pack 0.12 300mm White


 A GradeB GradeC Grade
Glazing (W/m²K) 0.8 - 1.3 1.8 - 2.2 2.6
Airtightness (m³/hr/m²) 2 5 Default Not Tested
Lighting (CFL) 100% 100% 30%
Space Heating 98% Oil 95% Oil 85% Oil
Water Heating 4m² Solar Panels Heating System Heating System
Ventilation Heat Recovery 95% Natural Natural
Photovoltic 5m² None None


*The thickness of insulating material required to achieve a given U-Value can vary depending on the grade of material used and the exact application conditions. For different thickness options and advice please contact our technical department. Floor P/A taken as 0.5.

** The details above are designed as a guide. They are an indication of the U-Values required to meet Building Energy Ratings. Given that the elements of every dwelling will vary the above information is subject to change. It is vital that a fully qualified BER assessor undertakes the BER assessment to determine every individual dwelling requirement.