KORE Loft Insulated Attic Flooring System

KORE Loft is an insulated attic flooring system. Homeowners no longer have to compromise when it comes to insulating the attic space. KORE Loft offers insulation and safe attic access and flooring in one easily installed sheet.

The KORE Loft Insulated Attic Flooring System is specifically designed to insulate the floor of an attic while still allowing ample space for storage. The product is essential for ensuring there is safe, secure access from the attic hatch door to the water tank and other services located in the attic.

KORE Loft is comprised of one composite sheet of silver Expanded Polystyrene bonded to a tongue and grooved chipboard sheet. The sheet sits on top of the joists in the attic and slot together to form a floor for access and storage. A suitable insulation material is installed between the joists.


KORE Loft provides an insulated flooring system for easy and safe access to storage while insulating the living space below.


KORE Loft ensures you have full access to all the services in the attic space, including water tanks and associated pipework.


KORE Loft easily meets and exceeds Ireland’s Building Regulations, including nZEB. External insulation is the ideal solution for Passive House construction and other low energy building methods.


KORE Loft Insulated Attic Flooring is durable and rot-proof. The product is sustainable and will last the lifetime of the building. At the end of its useful life it can be recycled and re-used as insulation or a variety of other products.


You shouldn’t have to compromise your health and safety or storage space just to insulate your attic. By insulating your attic with just fibreglass or cellulose insulation, you’re losing out on valuable storage space that could be put to good use. You also need an easy and safe way to access your water tank and other services that may be located in the attic. KORE Loft offers a solution for both problems.

KORE Loft is simple to install and offers a high thermal performance that will last the entire lifetime of the building.

MEET nZEB with KORE fill

KORE Loft has been designed to meet and exceed the U-value requirements of the proposed Part L 2018, and continues to meet the requirements of Part L 2011. The product will meet nZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) and other low energy building methods, like Passive House Certification.

95mm KORE Loft EPS70 Silver + 100mm mineral wool195mm0.16W/m2K

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KORE Loft Technical Specifications

An Insulated Attic Flooring System Made From Expanded Polystyrene

Below is a sampling of the technical details available for the KORE Loft Insulated Attic Flooring System.  KORE Loft is made from a sheet of Expanded Polystyrene bonded to a tongue and grooved chipboard, creating a safe way to access attic storage space and services while providing low U-values from a high performance insulation.

All U-value calculations are in accordance with BS EN ISO 6946:2007. An inhomogeneous layer was considered in all calculations where the insulation runs between the timber joists. The timber centres were taken as 400mm. Please contact our technical team for calculations at different centres. It is assumed that the insulation is fitted accordingly and the correction factor for air gaps has been ignored. The thermal conductivity of the mineral wool product was taken as 0.044W/mK.

KORE Loft Attic Insulation Detail: Insulation at Ceiling Level

KORE Loft EPS70 SilverMineral WoolU-Value W/m2K
KORE Loft Insulated Attic Flooring System

KORE Loft insulation is supplied as EPS70 Silver as defined in IS EN 13163:2012. Other densities and grades are available upon request. Reaction to Fire Class E, containing a flame retardant additive.

Density: KORE Loft EPS70 Silver – 0.031W/mK

Thermal Resistance

Thermal resistance, known as the R-value, varies with the thickness of the insulation. To calculate the thermal resistance (m2.K/W) divide the thickness of the insulation by its thermal conductivity and round down the result to the nearest 0.05.

KORE Loft EPS70 Silver
Insulation Thickness (mm)Thermal Resistance (m2.K/W)

KORE Loft Downloads

The following is a sample of technical documents available for KORE Loft Insulation. For the complete technical library please join the KORE Resource Centre.

  • Download the KORE Loft Insulation Design GuideDownload
  • Download the KORE Loft Insulation (Part L 2019) BrochureDownload
  • Download the KORE Loft Declaration of PerformanceDownload

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published:27 Sep 2018