KORE Roof & ATTIC Insulation Solutions

KORE’s Expanded Polystyrene insulation is the perfect solution for roof and attic insulation applications that require high thermal performance. Our cost optimal KORE Loft, KORE Lock insulation and KORE Flat Roof systems are ideal for new built and retrofit applications.

KORE Loft Insulated Attic Flooring System 3D Product

KORE Loft is an insulated attic flooring system comprised of graphite-enhanced Expanded Polystyrene bonded to a tongue and grooved chipboard sheet. The sheet sits on top of the joists in the attic and slot together to form a floor for access and storage.

KORE Loft is the ideal attic insulation solution as end users no longer have to compromise between space and storage while allowing safe access to services.

KORE Lock Pitched Roof Insulation System Installed in Warm Roof

KORE Lock is an insulation system for use in warm and cold pitched roof applications. This high performance EPS insulation system is very simple and safe to install, offering high performance that easily meets and exceeds Part L 2019 and nZEB requirements. 

Thermal bridges are limited through the use of either KORE Warmsark for warm pitched roofs or KORE Thermal Boards for cold pitched roof applications.

KORE Inverted Flat Roof Insulation 3D Detail
kore flat roof logo

KORE EPS can be utilised for a number of flat roof applications, including inverted flat roofs. KORE Inverted Flat Roof is a high profiled insulation board that can be used in conjunction with an inverted flat roof system. The product is comprised of rigid boards cut from moulded blocks of Expanded Polystyrene.

KORE Inverted Flat Roof is suitable for a wide range of flat roof applications.

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