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Prepare Your Home For the Next Generation

Did you know that Irish households emit nearly 60 percent more carbon dioxide than the EU average? Over 60% of our final energy spend is contributed to space heating, with oil topping the list at nearly 40% of our final energy usage. In addition, a vast majority of our homes built between 1961 and 2008 hold a ‘C’ or ‘D’ Building Energy Rating.

Luckily, most homes built before 2006 are eligible for a wide variety of grant funding options, including the Better Energy Communities Scheme. Energy upgrades reduce our energy spend, energy usage, make our homes more comfortable, healthier and easier to heat, while replacing our need for fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy sources. We’d call that a win for all!


Homeowners interested in upgrading energy efficiency measures in their homes may be eligible for grant funding of up to 35% (able-to-pay), or 80% for those in or facing energy poverty. The funds can be used to help offset the cost of retrofit works, including deep retrofit projects. Many homes that participate receive a post-BER rating of ‘B2’ or higher. Some measures include:

  • Insulation upgrades
  • Heating system upgrades, including heat pumps and controls
  • Air tightness measures
  • Ventilation, including mechanical and heat recovery
  • Window & door replacement
  • Solar PV and solar thermal systems

Over the past five years, we’ve helped homeowners across the country save nearly 23GWh of energy. That’s enough energy to power every home in Cavan Town for an entire year.

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The benefits of home energy efficiency upgrades go beyond the initial grant funding, and many are realised over the lifetime of the home. These benefits include:


  • A more comfortable place to live
  • A healthier indoor environment with improved air quality
  • Reduced energy spend on space & hot water heating
  • Short payback periods
  • Decreased carbon emissions and associated carbon footprint
  • Increased home value and a higher BER rating


The first step of the process is to complete the enquiry form below. A member of KORE Retrofit will be in touch to discuss the scheme in more detail and to gain more information on your property.

Our services include a full design and specification of your home to meet the minimum standards of a B2 building energy rating. This includes a site visit from a registered BER assessor, Pre BER assessment to determine the current rating of your home, a proposed detailed specification and design to B2, a room by room heating survey, technical assessment and heat loss indicator calculations, a contractor site survey from our one of our highly experienced registered contractors and a competitive quotation for the works proposed.

KORE Retrofit offer a complete package from design, specification, project management, support and guidance throughout the whole process.

For more information:

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