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Soak up the Sun

The sun is an excellent source of clean, renewable energy that can help heat water or provide electricity for our homes. It’s always on during daylight hours and you’ll never receive a bill for the energy it provides. While there are start up costs associated with solar PV systems, the return on investment and payback period is often short and benefits realised as soon as a solar PV system is installed.

The electricity that solar PV systems generate can power everything in your home – from your computer and television, to kitchen appliances and lights. Battery storage systems can even save electricity generated during the day to be used during night-time hours or on cloudy and rainy days when energy generation may be less.


watts of energy produced by the sun every second
Diagram of solar PV system installed in house

How solar PV works

To begin, solar panels are either installed on the roof of the home or in a suitable area of the garden. The solar panels are then connected to the electrical system in your house. Solar panels generate DC (direct current – the same as a battery) and an inverter converts this into usable AC (alternating current) power for your home.

Battery storage systems are often installed with solar PV systems to store excess energy produced. The energy can be used at a later time when the solar panels are not generating energy, or it can be exported to the electrical grid. Excess energy can also be used to heat hot water with additional equipment.

The number of panels required depends on the size of the system. Solar PV systems are rated in kilowatts. A 2kW system would typically require 6 to 7 panels – usually enough for the average Irish home.

How do I choose a solar PV system?

We’re here to help! There are many factors that go into the type of system that is suitable for your home. The contractor you choose will help determine if your home is suitable. This includes a survey on the condition of the roof and the orientation of the home. Most homes require a 2kW system (6-7 solar panels). Planning permission is not required if the system will require less than 50% of the total roof area. Larger systems may require planning permission before works can begin.

For most installations, as long as the roof is not covered or shaded a solar PV system can be installed, however, a south-facing home will always work best. If the roof is not the best place for the system, the contractor may choose to install the solar panels in the garden if space permits.

Since larger systems generate more electricity, it is usually recommended that a battery storage system is installed to store the excess energy that the solar panels generate. Without storage, excess energy will be exported to the electricity grid. 

Solar PV in action

Solar PV panels in line with roof

See how this 3kW solar PV array helped this deep retrofit in Virginia, Co. Cavan achieve an A2 Building Energy Rating.

See how this 3kW solar PV array helped this deep retrofit achieve an A1 Building Energy Rating.

What grants are available?

If your home was built and occupied before 2011there are grants available from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to help offset the cost of a new system. This includes a rebate on the solar panels and battery storage.

Measure Rebate
2kWp (6-7 panels) €1400
4kWp (12-14 panels) €2800
Battery Storage (systems over 2kWp) €1000

*The average cost per kWp is €1700 – €2500.

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