Tommy Brady founded Airpacks Ltd. in 1997 with his wife Helen, and close friend Jimmy Macken. Starting with a 60ft x 90ft factory with only half a roof, Tommy retrofitted the space and increased the size to 60ft x 190ft. That same year Tommy installed the company’s first block mould and production of EPS began. In 1998 Tommy signed an industry-leading deal with Amalgamated Hardware including more than 200 stores, and again expanded the factory to include an additional 190ft x 50ft for EPS block storage. By 1999 the company was supplying roof, wall and floor insulation nationwide.

There have been many changes and new additions over the year but Tommy has remained a constant, ensuring the factory continues to run at its peak performance day after day. For more than 20 years

Tommy has remained committed to Airpacks, its customers and employees. While Tommie now spends most of his time on the farm, he is always available to us to give advice, especially when it comes to engineering and loves to see us continuing to go from strength to strength

published:19 Jul 2018