KORE Insulation CPD Seminars - Continuing Education for the Construction Industry

The benefits of continuing professional development within the construction industry have been well documented. As building regulations, technologies and the available products continually change, it's imperative that those involved stay ahead of the curve.

Buildings today are built to a much higher standard than what was once required, and high quality throughout each step of the process must be achieved. Buildings today must be thought of as a system, with an emphasis on how different building components interact with one another.

The CPD courses offered by KORE Insulation provide solid professional growth for those working in the Irish and UK construction and insulation industries. Our seminars are targeted at product specifiers, architects and the end user.




Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses are offered for the following KORE Insulation products on a regular basis:

CPD Courses that may be combined with those offered above (not offered alone):


Typical CPD courses cover the following topics:

  • Product introduction & principles of use
  • Technical details
  • Typical installation process
  • Design considerations
  • Typical details and applications
  • Relevant case studies
  • Cost comparisons & product accreditation
  • Technical services provided by KORE


Every person that attends a CPD course offered by KORE will receive a certificate of completion. CPD Courses may count towards the hours required by professional associations, such as the 40 hours required of RIAI members per annum.

CPD seminars are usually scheduled during lunch, with sandwiches provided by KORE for those in attendance. Seminars typically last one hour. Brochures and technical documents can be provided in print format or on USB drives. We will also help set up profiles on the KORE Resource Centre so your team will have on-demand access to our full technical library for our insulation, ventilation and energy efficiency solutions.

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