We contacted KORE after hearing about the SEAI Warmer Homes Scheme from a friend. We have a house that was built in 2004 and we were concerned about the lack of insulation. After being sent the form and a chat on the phone we were  told that we should be covered to get our house insulated. When we were getting the work done, the communication was brilliant- I was informed of the process and the guys arrived promptly. Once they arrived, the guys got straight to work, they drilled the holes to pump the insulation in. The guys worked together ensuring the  job would be completed within one day. We had vents installed in two rooms also and all work was performed to a very high standard. Once completed the guys spent over an hour cleaning up after themselves. The finish to house was brilliant and we find it very difficult to find where they had drilled the holes as they matched the finish to the original pebble dash.
The insulation has proven to be a huge success and we have definitely noticed the difference over the winter months.

I would highly recommend KORE as we were initially skeptical that we could get this work done without having to put our hands in our pockets but we would definitely encourage everyone to apply to get their houses insulated, as it save you huge money in the long run on heating and keeps you warm in the meantime. A great scheme provided by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and implemented by KORE. Professional service and lovely to deal with.

published:01 Mar 2019