5 Reasons to Choose KORE’s Expanded Polystyrene Insulation

by Brian Flax | Jan 13, 2015
5 Reasons to Choose KORE’s Expanded Polystyrene Insulation

There are many types of insulation and brand names to choose from in the Irish and UK market. The abundance of choices can make it overwhelming when deciding what to use – whether you are retrofitting an existing house or starting from scratch on a new build. Here are five reasons why you should choose KORE expanded polystyrene the next time you insulate:

1. KORE expanded polystyrene can be used for multiple applications

We don’t just manufacture insulation for one type of application. KORE’s EPS product line can be used for bonded bead cavity wall insulationexternal wall insulationfloor insulationattic insulation, pipe insulation and fully engineered systems like the KORE Insulated Foundation System.

KORE EPS insulation can be used when building a new home or retrofitting an existing structure. Our insulation will even help you meet the strict regulations when building a house to low energy standards.

2. Our insulation products are fully certified and quality assured

The Irish Agrement Board certifies all of KORE’s expanded polystyrene insulation products. KORE’s products have been independently assessed and fully recognised by the main governing body in the insulation industry. Irish Agrement Board approval shows that our insulation products fully comply with all current building regulations.

All KORE insulation products are manufactured in accordance with IS EN 13163:2001 – Factory made products of expanded polystyrene specification for boards manufactured from expanded polystyrene. KORE products are tested to the highest standards using the latest in-house laboratory technology facilities available ensuring full compliance with European EN Standards.

KORE is a member of the Irish Concrete Federation, National Insulation Association of Ireland, Insulated Concrete Formwork Association of Ireland and is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality-Assured Company.

3. KORE insulation lasts the lifetime of the building

The performance of KORE expanded polystyrene insulation does not degrade over time. You can expect the same thermal performance as the day the product is installed. In fact, KORE EPS will last the lifetime of the building – meaning reduced waste, higher energy savings and less costs associated with heating and cooling. EPS can even be recycled when the lifetime of the building has been reached.

In addition, KORE EPS is environmentally friendly as no CFCs and HCFCs are used during the manufacturing process. A properly insulated house will see reduced CO2  emissions and a smaller carbon footprint when compared to buildings with little or no insulation. Expanded polystyrene is lightweight and durable, requiring less fuel to transport to the job site when compared to other building materials.

4. KORE expanded polystyrene is easy to work with

Expanded polystyrene is 98% air, making it an extremely lightweight material that is easy to handle and install. KORE insulation leaves no dust or debris and unlike mineral wool does not cause irritation to the skin or eyes. Our EPS insulation products are non-toxic and totally inert. KORE EPS is easy to cut to any desired shape when on the job site.

KORE expanded polystyrene is also resistant to moisture – meaning no mould growth or degradation over time.

5. KORE EPS provides a real return on investment

You or your customers will start noticing a big difference on the amount spent on energy straight away. In fact, for every 1kg of expanded polystyrene you can expect to save around 400 litres of oil spread out over the course of 50 years. A typical installation requires thousands of kilograms of EPS – meaning you’ll save money and energy from the moment you turn on your heat.

A properly insulated home is a more comfortable home. Your home will heat faster, require less energy and retain its heat over a longer period of time. An increase in the building’s energy rating with a BER assessment will also increase the overall property value, providing an instant return on investment.

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