Floor Insulation EPS insulation solutions

  • Side view EPS300 ring beam form


    Eliminate thermal bridging by wrapping the entire foundation in a continuous layer of EPS.

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  • KORE Floor Insulation showing EPS70 silver insulation with underfloor heating


    Meet & exceed nZEB and Part L 2019 with floor insulation manufactured from high performance, cost-optimal KORE EPS.

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Wall Insulation EPS insulation solutions

  • product-title3

    KORE Fill Cavity Wall Insulation is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) injected in bead form, along with a bonding agent,  into a wall cavity to create an insulating mass.

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  • KORE External Wall Insulation shown on solid block wall


    High performance EPS insulation board used in conjunction with an NSAI certified composite external thermal insulation system.

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Roof Insulation EPS insulation solutions

  • KORE Flat Roof EPS White Insulation for Warm Roof Application

    KORE Flat Roof Logo

    KORE EPS Flat Roof Insulation is the ideal insulation solution for a variety of flat roof applications, including warm roofs, inverted flat roofs, metal deck roofs and tapered roofs.

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  • KORE Low Carbon Insulation

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  • KORE Loft 3D


    KORE Loft is our insulated attic flooring system, designed to insulate the floor of an attic and ensure safe and secure attic access in one easily installed sheet.

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  • KORE Lock Pitched Roof Insulation System


    KORE Lock is an insulation system that provides consistent, high thermal performance for both cold and warm pitched roof applications.

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Void Formers EPS insulation solutions


    Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) is a high performance insulation material that offers a high compressive strength.

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  • EPS void former 3D detail showing guide wall formers in ground


    For use in major works such as motorways, underpasses, shopping centres, foundations and embankments

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  • KORE GeoFoam

    KORE Floor is a high performance floor insulation solution made from EPS.

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Non-Insulation Solutions



    KORE’s Expanded Polystyrene can be used for more than insulation. We offer a range of products that inherit the benefits of EPS for a number of applications.

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