At KORE, we’re committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace that values and respects the unique contributions and perspectives of all individuals. We believe that diversity drives innovation, promotes creativity, and strengthens our ability to serve our customers and communities. This Diversity and Inclusion Policy outlines our commitment to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion in our all activities.

1. Purpose

Our Diversity and Inclusion policy aims to:

  1. Create a welcoming and inclusive environment where are employees feel valued, respected, and supported
  2. Attract and retain a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve
  3. Provide equal opportunities for career development, advancement and recognition
  4. Foster a culture of respect, fairness, and collaboration among employees
  5. Eliminate any form of discrimination, harassment, or bias from our workplace

2. Scope

This policy applies to all employees, including full-time, part-time, temporary, contract workers, as well as all levels of management and leadership within the company.

3. Non-Discrimination

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for employment, promotion, and training, regardless of an individual’s race, colour, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected characteristics as defined by Irish, UK and EU law.

4. Recruitment & Hiring

We will implement fair and inclusive practices in our recruitment and hiring processes, ensuring that they are free from bias and discrimination. This includes promoting diverse candidate pools, assessing candidates based on their qualifications and potential, and providing reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities.

5. Training & Development

We will provide ongoing diversity and inclusion training to all employees, including management and leadership. This training will enhance awareness, knowledge and skills related to diversity, unconscious bias, culture competency and respectful communication.

6. Workplace Culture

We are committed to fostering a culture of respect, inclusivity, and collaboration. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying, whether based on protected characteristics or otherwise. We encourage employees to report any incidents promptly, and we will promptly investigate and address complaints in a fair and confidential manner.

7. Employee Resource Groups

We will support and encourage the formation of employee resource groups (ERGs) that provide a safe space for employees with shared characteristics or backgrounds. ERGs can help promote diversity, foster a sense of belonging, and provide support for specific communities within our workforce.

8. Accessibility

We will strive to make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities to ensure equal access to facilities, resources, and employment opportunities. We are committed to complying with all relevant accessibility legislation and guidelines.

9. Supplier Diversity

We will actively seek to engage suppliers and vendors who share our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We will encourage and support the inclusion of diverse businesses in our supply chain.

10. Accountability & Review

The responsibility for implementing and maintaining this Diversity and Inclusion Policy lies with all employees. Management will regularly review and assess the effectiveness of this policy, making necessary adjustments and improvements as needed.

11. Communication & Awareness

We will communicate this policy to all employees and stakeholders, making it readily accessible through our intranet and other relevant platforms. We will also promote awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion principles through regular communication channels.

By embracing diversity and inclusion, we aim to create a workplace where all employees can thrive, contribute their best, and achieve their full potential. We believe that by valuing and respecting individual differences, we will build a stronger, more innovative, and inclusive company.