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KORE Continuing Professional Development Courses

The benefits of continuing professional development within the construction industry have been well documented. As building regulations, technologies and the number of available products continually change, it’s imperative that those involved stay ahead of the curve.

Buildings today are built to a much higher standard than what was once required, and high quality throughout each step of the process must be achieved. Buildings today must be thought of as a system, with an emphasis on how different building components interact with one another.

KORE’s team of experts know building requirements and regulations inside and out, ensuring the customers we partner with build and use only the highest quality products, materials and methods. As low energy building methods like nZEB and Passive House become the norm, it’s important to partner with a supplier who understands the small details and can help you make informed decisions at each stage.

Partnering with KORE means you’ll be backed by decades of experience in both the construction and insulation industry, working with a team that has supplied the largest Passive House development in Ireland, and certified some of the worlds most energy efficient buildings. Whether you’re insulating a single house or an entire estate, every customer receives the same level of service.

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KORE Continuing Professional Development Courses
KORE CPD Courses for KORE Fill & Insulated Foundation System
KORE Construction & Insulation Industry Events

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KORE offers continuing professional development courses for the following insulation solutions on a regular basis:

  • KORE Insulated Foundation System
  • KORE Fill Bonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation System

The following CPD courses can also be combined with those offered above:

  • KORE Floor Insulation
  • The Benefits of using Expanded Polystyrene for Insulation

Typical CPD courses cover the following topics:

  • Product introduction and principles of use
  • Technical details
  • Typical installation process
  • Design considerations
  • Typical details and applications
  • Relevant case studies
  • Cost comparison and product accreditation
  • Technical services provided by KORE

Every person that attends a CPD course offered by KORE will receive a certificate of completion. CPD courses count towards the hours required by many professional organisations, like the 40 hours required of RIAI members per annum. Learn more about the insulation CPD courses KORE offers.

Technical Support Services

KORE offers a wide variety of technical services to all our customers at no added cost. This includes:

  • Calculating U-values to help determine the proper thickness and grade of our EPS products, specific to your property
  • Condensation risk analysis
  • Thermal bridging analysis results for typical junctions
  • Temperature factor analysis results for typical junctions
  • On-site visits for quality checks

KORE provides many of the elements that make up a total building. We provide a building information service to help our clients make the best informed decisions about other aspects of their building that we don’t supply to ensure compatibility with KORE products. Our team will help you choose the correct external finish solution, give advice on the correct treatment of DPC and radon barriers, internal finish options, and the correct width of window cills required. Whatever questions you may have we will help you find the answer.

KORE Online Resource Centre

With changing building regulations and industry best practice KORE understands the importance of keeping technical libraries up to date. This is why we’ve created an online resource centre that acts as a central database for all our products technical information. Here you’ll find product design guides, typical construction details, declaration of performance certificates and condensation risk analysis for each KORE product.

Our online resource centre is continually updated whenever new technical data is released, meaning you’ll have less searching to do and the most up to date technical information at your fingertips. Create a free account on the KORE website for access to our technical library.