Did you know that KORE offers a project consultation and evaluation service free of charge? Whether you’re designing a new build, low energy retrofit or extension, or planning an estate with hundreds of homes – we’re here to help from the outset. Are you joining KORE at our CPD roadshow or stopping by to see us at a trade show? Bring your plans or drawings along and we can provide most of the services detailed below to get you started on your journey with KORE!

Product Selection

With all the insulation materials available on the market, it can be a challenge determining which is the right choice for your project. KORE’s sales and technical teams can walk you through the various options available specific to your project’s requirements and help you make an informed decision.

From a single application to a whole-home insulation approach, we’re here to help you make the right decision on both product performance and budget.

KORE New Build House

Project Costings

Our team understands the importance of staying within your budget, whether you’re building one house or a dozen. KORE offers free, no obligation personalised quotations based on the plans and drawings you submit.

When you join KORE at a CPD roadshow event, trade show or other industry event, we invite you to bring your project plans along so we can discuss your project requirements and provide you various options that suit the needs of your technical specifications and budget.

project costings

Project Technical Backup

KORE offers complete technical backup no matter the size of the project. From U-value calculations, thermal bridging analysis, temperature factor analysis and condensation risk analysis, we back up our claims with reliable technical data specific to each individual project. We can even provide on-site technical support and quality assurance. You can reach our technical team at any time during normal business hours by calling +353 49 4336998.

KORE Technical Services

Environmentally Sound

KORE EPS is made up of 98% air – the best insulator available! KORE offers a third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration for most products – helping you achieve LEED, BREEAM and Home Performance Index certification with ease. Even better? KORE EPS will last the full lifetime of the building and can be recycled at the end of its useful life. We’re all about lean construction, meaning we only ship the required amount of material to site, helping minimise waste and diverting material from landfills. EPS is easy to work with, versatile, and doesn’t require any specialised equipment or safety gear to handle. We’re even A+ rated in the BRE Green Guide.

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