KORE Profile Cut Artwork Solutions

KORE EPS is a versatile material that can be used for polysculpting, movie, television and theatre set design, prop design, and can be cut to just about any shape desired.

KORE Block Solutions

KORE Expanded Polystyrene is available in different block sizes in both white and silver grades. KORE’s EPS Blocks for artwork can be cut on-site to the desired shape and size without the need to be profiled during manufacturing. Full blocks are moulded at at 3.6m x 1.2m x 1m, or can be cut in partial blocks to suit the project’s requirements.

Product Packaging

KORE EPS can be custom moulded into different shapes and sizes during the manufacturing process, making it the perfect choice for your bespoke product packaging needs. KORE EPS is durable, lightweight and uses no toxic chemical during manufacturing. EPS is cost and time effective for your packaging needs.

In addition to moulded packaging solutions, KORE also provide flat sheets of EPS that can be cut either during manufacturing or on-site to the desired size.


Loose EPS Bead

KORE provides loose Expanded Polystyrene bead for a number of applications, such as beanbag chairs. Loose EPS bead is available to purchase through the online shop in 5 cubic ft. or 10 cubic ft. bags. Alternatively, you can request a quote for larger amounts through the sales team or front office.


KORE EPS Marine Applications

KORE EPS is a buoyant material and has numerous uses in marine applications. This includes flotation devices such as pontoons, buoys and life preservers. EPS is a rot proof and water resistant material, making it the perfect fit for marine applications. In addition, EPS is chemically inert and resistant to mould and fungus.