KORE's Values

our values

We offer a best in class personalised service focused on delivering the best technologically advanced insulation solutions to the construction industry. We achieve this by following our core values as outlined below.


Our team are not only enthusiastic about the products and services that we offer, but about the industry as a whole. We know that insulation plays a key role contributing to the energy efficiency of a building, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing our greenhouse gas emissions. When you partner with KORE you are guaranteed to work with an enthusiastic team that are ready to exceed your expectations.


At KORE we ensure respect for our customers and for everyone on our team. Respect to us includes listening to our customers needs, caring about our customer’s issues, valuing our relationship with every customer and ensuring we dedicate the time and resources to get the job done right. We understand that our customers have a choice when it comes to suppliers, and it’s our responsibility to ensure our customers opinions, budgets and expectations are respected at each step of the customer journey.

Goal Oriented

We work tirelessly to help our customers achieve their goals. At KORE we set goals and strive to meet them. Whether we’re working with a customer on a self build, a developer on a large-scale project, or an internal project implementing a new product or service, we set goals and we see them through.

We are on hand to provide technical expertise and know-how on all our insulation solutions. We prioritise communication throughout the process and ensure all expectations are exceeded, and goals are met.


At KORE we’re driven to meet our customer’s requirements. This includes working to tight deadlines, exacting requirements and under pressure. We understand that your time is valuable, the importance of delivering a high quality product consistently and clear and concise communication.

We ensure our products are delivered to the right location, at the right time to the exact specifications.


We care about our customers and meeting expectations. We’re loyal to our customers by committing and sticking to our values; by retaining a quality product and not sacrificing quality just for a lower cost; by solving problems for our customers sharing our knowledge and expertise of our products and the industry; by recognising our customers, sharing beneficial opportunities and holding events and learning days where we show our continued commitment.


Integrity at KORE means doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. It means being open, honest and truthful with our customers and our employees. We work with integrity because with live by our mission statement and our values.

We understand the value of trust with our customers and our team members. We keep our promises and we follow through.

Working Smart

We work with effectiveness at the forefront of our mind. Timing, finance and resources are criterion we take into consideration when working with all our customers. We work with your needs and resources in the best way possible to create the most desirable outcome.

We work smart to make our customer’s jobs easier. Whether it’s providing best in class technical back up, continuing professional development courses for the industry, an online resource centre, e-commerce platform or the KORE Academy, we work smarter so that you get the desired results without wasting time.