Ballymore Eustace Case Study

by Brian Flax | Nov 05, 2018

KORE case studies offer an inside look at how our EPS solutions perform in real-world applications. The following case study in Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare, features KORE’s Insulated Foundation System and KORE External wall insulation used in conjuction with a render system.

Case Study Details

Project Name: New Detached Dwelling in Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Products Used: KORE Passive Foundation SystemKORE External Insulation, Isover Metac Roof Insulation, Moinster Joinery Futureproof Passive Windows and Doors, Vent-Axia Ventilation Unit

Client: Pat Doran Construction

Main Contractor: Pat Doran Construction

Architect: David Higgins Architectural Services

KORE Sales Rep: Steven Magee (@KORE_Steven)

The Energy Efficiency Problem

The client, Pat Doran Construction, wanted to design and construct a new build detached dwelling that offered the homeowner superior thermal performance, reduced heating and cooling costs and a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. The final design by David Higgins Architectural Services took this into account as shown in the below drawing.

Ballymore Eustace Floor Plans


The Solution

The architect and contractor decided that to achieve the desired energy efficiency, insulation had to start at the ground level. KORE’s Insulated Foundation System was chosen for the job.

A floor U-value of 0.09W/m2K was achieved with the use of KORE’s Insulated Foundation System (300mm HD White EPS100). Current building regulations in Ireland require a U-value at or below 0.15W/m2K when installed with an underfloor heating system. The Insulated Foundation well surpassed the building regulations for the Ballymore Eustace property at a cost comparable to a traditional strip foundation.

Rather than installing cavity wall insulation or dry lining, Pat Doran Construction installed KORE External in conjunction with a composite render system to insulate the exterior walls.

A Wall U-value of 0.12W/m2K was achieved with the use of KORE External 250mm EPS70 SD Silver. Current building regulations in Ireland require a U-value at or below 0.21W/m2K for external walls. KORE External well surpassed this requirement.

A pitched roof U-value of 0.12W/m2K and thermal conductivity of 0.034W/mK was achieved using 370mm Isover Metac Mineral Wool Insulation, and a flat roof U-value of 0.08W/m2K and thermal conductivity of 0.044W/mK was achieved using 600mm fibre glass insulation. Building regulations in Ireland require 0.16W/m2K and 0.20W/m2K respectively.

High performance insulation was used in conjunction with Munster Joinery Passive Future Proof Windows and Doors, and a Vent-Axia ventilation unit.

Product Building Regulations U-Value Achieved
KORE Insulated Foundation (300mm EPS100 HD White) 0.15W/m2K 0.09W/m2K
KORE External Insulation (250mm EPS70 SD Silver) 0.21W/m2K 0.12W/m2K
370mm Isover Metac Mineral Wool – Pitched Roof 0.20W/m2K 0.012W/m2K
600mm Fibre Glass Insulation – Flat Roof 0.20W/m2K 0.08W/m2K

The end result for the homeowner is an extremely well constructed and energy efficient building. The building envelope and ventilation allows fresh air to enter the home without a significant loss of heat during the heating season through the foundation, external walls and roof. The insulating materials made from expanded polystyrene (EPS), such as the Insulated Foundation System and external insulation will last the lifetime of the building. These products are resistant to moisture and will not degrade, rot or allow for mould growth over time.

Steven Magee

Technical Sales Manager

Steven Magee has been a Technical Sales Manager at KORE for 13 years. Steven plays a critical role in helping KORE find and source new business for all of KORE’s range of products. In addition, Steven provides customer service to all potential and current clients on-site and in person. Steven’s deep understanding of product requirements and building regulations makes him a valuable part of the KORE team. You’ll see Steven in the south of the Ireland, including South Dublin, Wexford, Waterford, Cork and Kerry.

You can reach Steven by email or phone at +353 87 246 6749.