Douglas Flat Roof Case Study

by brianflax | Jul 14, 2022

KORE case studies offer an inside look at how our EPS solutions perform in real-world applications. The following case study in Ardmahon, Douglas, Co. Cork features KORE’s Tapered Flat Roof Insulation, KORE External Wall Insulation and the KORE Insulated Foundation System. The project is delivered by Titan Construction.

Case Study Details

Project Name: Ardmahon Home Extension, Co. Cork

Products Used: KORE Tapered Flat Roof, KORE Insulated Foundation System, KORE External Wall Insulation.

Main Client: Titan Construction

KORE Sales Rep: Leon Creamer

A Word from the Customer


Thomas O’Sullivan

Director, Titan Construction

I have worked with KORE for many years, using their external wall insulation and insulated foundation system on many projects with great success.

I first used KORE’s tapered flat roof insulation on this project due to the speed, money savings, great customer service and attention to detail in design. KORE have a great technical team who helped every step of the way, and now I’ve used the flat roof system on three more home extensions.

Using KORE’s EPS in the floor, wall and roof has saved us a lot of money, but more importantly we have trust in the product and what it can do. Great company to deal with, and look forward to working with them more in the future.

About The Project

This home extension and renovation project is currently underway in Ardmahon, Douglas, Co. Cork.

A flat roof, light steel frame extension of 40 square metres is being constructed using KORE’s tapered flat roof insulation, external wall insulation and insulated foundation system.

This project is delivered by Titan Construction.


The KORE Bespoke Tapered Flat Roof

Titan Construction chose KORE’s tapered flat roof insulation solution for a flat roof home extension project that reduced the cost and timing of the build, while draining water effectively.

This light steel frame construction is a 40 square metre extension to a 1950’s home, choosing a flat roof for aesthetics, without compromising on quality or sustainability.

KORE’s tapered flat roof was bespoke made using EPS70 Silver for the required gradient of the roof, to eliminate water ponding and allow appropriate water channeling to drainage outlets. 1200 x 1200mm sheets of KORE EPS70 Silver were each tapered to create a slope, with an overall volume of ~10m3. Using KORE’s tapered flat roof insulation instead of a structural fall reduced the cost and time of the overall roof construction, with the tapered sheets being directly placed on a 0 degree flat roof and no additional timber fittings required.

Additional technical information can be found in some of the detailed flat roof plans accompanied below. In addition, the customer chose KORE External Wall Insulation and the KORE Insulated Foundation System, making this extension a low energy, high-performance building using EPS to wrap the entire envelope.

Photos of works


Leon Creamer

Regional Sales Manager

Leon Creamer has been a Technical Regional Sales Manager for KORE since 2019. Leon has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry and building merchants. Leon is based in Cork, covering Munster primarily with the addition of Galway.

You can reach Leon by email or by phone on +353 87 258 2172.