N25 Ballyverneen Railway Bridge Void Former Case Study

by Branislav Nikolic | Feb 25, 2020

KORE case studies offer an inside look at how our EPS solutions perform in real-world applications. The following case study in Ballyverneen, Co. Kilkenny features KORE’s Expanded Polystyrene void formers utilised on the Ballyverneen railway bridge as part of the N25 New Ross bypass scheme.

Case Study Details

Project Name: Ballyverneen Railway Bridge, part of the N25 New Ross bypass scheme

Products Used: KORE EPS Void Formers

Main Contractor: BAM Ireland

KORE Representative: Steven Magee, Business Development Manager

About The Project

The N25 New Ross Bypass PPP scheme is a large project that included the construction of several new pieces of infrastructure, including 15km of national road for the N25 and N30, 13.6km of dual carriageway and 1.2km of single carriageway, three roundabouts, eight road underbridges and three road overbridges, one railway overbridge and 16 underpasses, among others.

KORE’s Expanded Polystyrene Void Formers were utilised for the Ballyverneen railway bridge (structure B02). This bridge is an 80 metre long, three span bridge carrying the New Ross to Waterford railway line over the N25 mainline. It is a post-tensioned, reinforced concrete bridge with a main span of 38 metres. The railway line is not currently in use.

Aerial View of Overpass

Void Formers Manufactured From EPS

KORE provided BAM with 192 linear metres, or approximately 55 void formers at 3.5 metres long, to be used within the bridge deck itself. KORE EPS Void Formers were used to reduce the weight of the concrete on the bridge deck and were left in-situ. A 50mm Neoprene buffer was utilised between the bright strap and the contacted area of EPS, as seen in the drawings below. This provided BAM Ireland with a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option that both reduced the weight of the bridge deck while providing the exceptional compressive strength of Expanded Polystyrene and millimetre accuracy.

Civil Engineering with KORE EPS

KORE Expanded Polystyrene can be utilised for a number of civil engineering applications. Our solutions include:

Standard Formwork Solutions including arch formers for temporary support, spiral staircase formers where complex designs require formwork and column formers for projects that require custom reinforced concrete columns.

Formwork for Ribbed Concrete Floors including trough moulds for ribbed concrete floors with one-way spanning, and waffle moulds for two-way spanning ribbed concrete floors.

Piling Solutions including guide wall formers for in-situ sacrificial guide walls to improve the accuracy of pile guide wall construction, and secant pile wall construction for intersecting reinforced concrete piles.

Temporary Access & Safety Solutions like temporary ramps and rail platforms.

Embankments such as road embankments for stability and settlement issues, and slope stabilisation as a soil substitute to reduce driving forces.

KORE EPS can be manufactured to the exacting requirements required for each individual project. Learn more by visiting the KORE Void Former page or by requesting a free, no obligation quotation through our website below.


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