Fabric First – Insulation Demand and the Trias Energetica Principle

by Brian Flax | Mar 03, 2014

Much like a sieve will not hold water a building that has no insulation, poor insulation levels, thermal bridging or leaks air will not hold the heat in the building. Focusing on the demand side of building energy use is the basis of the Trias Energetica Principle. If we minimise the demand for cooling and heating in a building we inevitably reduce the requirements to supply cooling and heating requirements. Applying the Trias Energetica Principle to construction, the design of low energy buildings should always start with the building envelope to prevent unnecessary loss of energy in the first place. The key to this is insulation and airtightness. It is only after the fabric of the building is addressed sufficiently should the higher levels of the triangle be considered.

Measures to reduce energy demand are amongst the most cost effective measures to mitigate energy use and loss.

New and Existing Properties – Should all Follow the Trias Energetica

This principle is important when accessing the energy use of both new and existing buildings. When homeowners are looking to improve the energy efficiency of their property they should start with reviewing the insulation requirements of the property. This may include product such as KOREFill Bonded BeadKORE External InsulationKORE Attic Insulation Solutions and Draught Proofing Solutions. Homeowners should always retrofit the maximum amount of insulation (subject to budgets of course). Thermal Bridging and airtightness should also be addresses where possible.

Source: EUMEPS Brochure Environment