Introducing Ireland’s First Low Carbon EPS Product Line

by Lisa Downey | Jul 28, 2022

KORE’s low carbon EPS solutions are launching soon! 

Manufactured with the biomass balance approach, KORE’s new low carbon EPS will dramatically reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in production, saving over 90% in CO2 emissions. 

According to the Irish Green Building Council, buildings are directly responsible for 40% of energy use in Ireland, with the embodied carbon in the materials used to construct homes now accounting for 50% of total life cycle carbon in nZEB homes and 35% for offices. To reach the target of a 51% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, as set out in Ireland’s Climate Action Plan 2021, we must focus on net zero carbon buildings, constructed with low carbon, sustainable materials whose life cycle has very little environmental impact. 

KORE were Ireland’s first Expanded Polystyrene manufacturer to hold an Environmental Product Declaration for our EPS material, used in buildings across Ireland and the U.K, offering additional credits in Building Sustainable Assessment schemes like the Home Performance Index, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

Using KORE’s low carbon product range will save 2.223kg CO2 equivalent for the production of 1kg of EPS versus standard KORE EPS. A typical home of two floors, 100m2 will save 800kg CO2 by choosing KORE’s low carbon solutions. 

Launching initially with KORE Floor, KORE Fill, KORE External, KORE Void Formers and KORE Geofoam, this exclusive offering is available in a variety of EPS grades this coming autumn. 

With KORE low carbon EPS, our customers will receive identical quality and performance of the product that they are used to, while making an effort to reduce climate change through utilising a more sustainable material. – Pauric Kavanagh, Operations Director

Demonstrate your commitment to the environment and the circular economy by choosing KORE’s low carbon products on your next project.