About the Project

Situated a mere 35 minutes away from the heart of Dublin, Lyreen Meadows marks the newest residential venture by the renowned Derrin Group. Nestled in Kilcock, County Kildare, this vibrant commuter hub is teeming with local amenities, including a wide array of dining options, pubs, boutique shops, and cozy coffee houses, ensuring a rich and convenient lifestyle.

Lyreen Meadows is ideally suited for a diverse range of buyers, including those purchasing their first home, individuals looking to upgrade, and those downsizing. It features a collection of A-rated three and four-bedroom family homes, offering the charm of countryside living alongside the conveniences of a bustling town center.

Eligible for the Help to Buy and First Home schemes, this development presents an exceptional opportunity for homebuyers seeking quality living spaces within easy reach of Dublin.

Benefits of the KORE Insulated Foundation System

The KORE Insulated Foundation System offers a number of benefits off-site, on-site and for its overall thermal performance.



  • The system is designed and manufactured off-site and ready to install
  • Comes complete with installation drawings and guidelines and is put together like a jigsaw, reducing the likelihood of mistakes
  • The programme has been revised several times because of the speed of the install, keeping the project ahead of schedule


  • Completing a new foundation every four to five days, significantly speeding up installation, with the programme currently 4 months ahead of schedule
  • The planning & design of the system allowed for multiple bases to be installed at the same time
  • Can be installed in adverse weather conditions without slowing progress
  • Greatly reduces backfill requirements, trenching and rising walls
  • Minimal excavation is required, which has led to substantial cost savings
  • Significantly increases the health, safety & welfare of workers on-site


  • Virtually eliminated the wall-to-floor cold bridge
  • Reduced embodied carbon with substantially less concrete required
  • Provided U-values of 0.10W/m2K in the ground floor – far exceeding the requirements of Part L