KORE’s Low Carbon EPS receives REDcert² 

by Lisa Downey | Aug 25, 2022
KORE receives Redcert to offer low carbon products

Ireland’s first Low Carbon Expanded Polystyrene receives European sustainability certificate.

KORE’s new Low Carbon Expanded Polystyrene insulation has just received REDcert² sustainability certification. 

REDcert² is a European certification scheme for biomass and biofuels, investigating the procurement of sustainable raw materials for food and animal feed, as well as biomass for material use. Certified as a system user under 901: downstream conversion unit, verification has been proven that the fossil raw materials have been successfully replaced with sustainable biomass. The importance of this certification is the contribution of KORE’s Low Carbon EPS to the reduction of greenhouse gases, and the conservation of finite fossil-based resources.

The raw materials used in the production of KORE’s Low Carbon EPS significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels, replacing them with biomass or plant-based materials such as wood, plants, agriculture residue, and organic waste matter. This method reduces the CO2 equivalent and global warming impact by approximately 60%, saving 800kg CO2 for an average family home of 100m2, which equates to the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions from 173 passenger vehicles. 

Biomass plays a significant role in the circular economy in terms of material production, provision of energy, reduction in waste, and recyclability after use. 

As the world moves toward a circular economy, transforming the approach of production and consumption, eliminating waste, and maximising the use of resources indefinitely, so is KORE’s commitment to the environment and the fight against climate change.