Dublin City Ship Street Case Study

by Branislav Nikolic | Jan 11, 2021

KORE case studies offer an inside look at how our EPS solutions perform in real-world applications. The following case study in Dublin City Centre features KORE’s EPS Void Formers.

Case Study Details

Project Name: Dublin Ship Street Hotel Project

Products Used: KORE Void Formers

Main Contractor: FK Lowry Piling

Main Client:  JJ Rhatigan

KORE Sales Rep: Andrew Butler (@KOREAndrew

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About the Dublin Ship Street Hotel & Commercial Project

The Dublin Ship Street hotel and commercial project is currently underway in Dublin’s city centre. The hotel and commercial project commenced work in 2018 on an original site where Vikings landed in 837AD, and previosuly the home to St Michael Le Pole church.

Upon completion the 5,699 square metre site will be home to a four star 136-bedroom, seven story hotel, including a bar, restaurant, gym and meeting rooms. This project is delivered by J.J. Rhatigan, F.K. Lowry Piling and Reddy Architecture.

Millimeter Precision Technical Drawing Of Ship St
WhatsApp-Image-2020-11-30-at-12.15.05-1.jpeg fklowry-dublin-piling

KORE Void Formers with Millimeter Accuracy

FK Lowry, a piling contractor part of the Lagan Group, chose KORE Void Formers for the Dublin Ship Street project due to past experience with our high performing, quality void formers.

FK Lowry chose KORE EPS70 White Void Formers,  enabling the placement of hard and soft secant bored pile walls. These were a large diameter 900mm void former manufactured to the precision and layout required on site to form two, and three-storey basements required deep rock socketed piles. The KORE EPS was supplied to exacting sizes in various bespoke shapes, sizes and forms to allow the void former locations to be formed along the full perimeter required. EPS is a great product for this use and can be shaped and cut in the factory to match the site specifics. In the case of Ship Street, the EPS was cut to follow the unusual shape of the site perimeter. Using EPS solved the issue faced when dealing with infill existing sites which can challenge a contractor. As the EPS void formers are lightweight, they are easily paced on site and quickly too, creating a temporary formwork to facilitate the piling works. The voids required precision accuracy down to the millimeter, as the project was very precise with high specifications including radius layouts and void radius up to 1200mm.

Andrew Butler

Technical Sales Manager

Andrew Butler has been a Technical Sales Manager for KORE for the past five years. Andrew graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology and has a varied background in engineering and architecture, giving him the perfect mix of skills and education needed to excel in his role as a technical sales manager for KORE. Andrew is also our in-house BIM expert, having worked closely with Waterford Institute of Technology on all our details. You’ll see Andrew around the north of Ireland, including North Dublin, Louth, Cavan, Galway and Northern Ireland.

You can reach Andrew by email or by phone on +353 87 226 8483.