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The KORE Passive Foundation is an insulated foundation system that is Passive House Approved to deliver the lowest U-values on the market while eliminating the critical wall-to-floor cold bridge. Essentially, the Passive Foundation wraps the foundation of your home in a layer of expanded polystyrene (EPS300) to insulate your home from the ground up.

KORE's Insulated Foundation System ensures there is no thermal break between the wall and the foundation, eliminating thermal bridging at one of a building's most common junctions. When combined with building best practices, the Passive Foundation ensures an air tight, super-insulated home designed to surpass building regulations and achieve high Building Energy Ratings - including Passive House Certification.





Passive Foundation System Construction Details 
  • Meets and exceeds building regulations

  • Eliminates the critical wall-to-floor cold bridge

  • Reduces underfloor heating loss through rising walls from 65% to 12%

  • Reduces the quantity of concrete required for the foundation by up to 50%

  • Suitable for all ground conditions while easily accomodating the radon barrier

  • Eliminates the risk of condensation, fungus and mould growth behind the skirting board

  • Ensures the thermal capacity of KORE EPS does not diminish over time and is unaffected by water

  • Easy to work with and install

  • Exceptional compressive strength makes the product suitable for use in domestic and commerical applications

  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems  

  • Perfect Passive House foundation system - has been used to achieve Passive House Certification from Passive House Institute

BRE Green Guide A+ RatingBRE Green Guide Awards KORE Passive Foundation
with an A Environmental Rating







KORE's Passive Foundation is an insulated foundation system that works much like a traditional raft foundation. The EPS element is specifically designed and cut to suit the building type for installation. The Passive Foundation's exceptional compressive strength makes the product suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

The structural strength of the Passive Foundation is a result of the combination of expanded polystyrene (EPS300), concrete and steel. The system is suitable for use with all applications, including insulated concrete formwork (ICF), traditional block and timber frame houses.

Heavy internal loads can be easily accomodated onto the insulated foundation by thickening the slab to 200mm and by installing EPS300 under the thickened slab area. The Passive Foundation insulated raft foundation and waffle slab solutions are suitable for soft ground conditions as the system allows the weight of the house to be transferred throughout the slab. 

KORE's Insulated Foundation System can be provided as a fully engineered system. This significantly cuts down on the time required to install the system. As labour and material costs are reduced, an insulated foundation system is generally more affordable when compared to a traditional raft foundation or strip foundation - by as much as 20 percent!

The Passive Foundation is combined with KORE Floor Insulation - specifically KORE Floor EPS100 White. This ensures a complete floor insulation solution providing U-values from 0.09W/m2K to 0.10W/m2K. 

Contact our technical team for U-value calculations specific to your project.

Insulated Foundation System Double L





Full technical data is available for KORE's Insulated Foundation System, including Declaration of Performance Certificates, sample U-value calculations and a full Passive Foundation Design Guide. PDF versions are available by visiting the KORE Resource Centre

Foundation Construction Details are available for the following construction types. Additional construction details may be made available by contacting our technical team:

  • KORE Passive Foundation & KORE Fill Blockwork Wall Foundation Double L
  • KORE Passive Foundation & KORE Fill Blockwork Wall Foundation Single L
  • KORE Passive Foundation & KORE External Solid Blockwork Wall Foundation
  • KORE Passive Foundation & Timber Frame Single L and Double L
  • KORE Passive Foundation & KORE ICF Single L and Double L
  • KORE Passive Foundation Internal Load Bearing Wall Foundation


Passive House Foundation Design Guide

KORE Passive Foundation
Design Guide

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KORE Passive Foundation

Passive House Foundation Case Studies

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  • Passive Foundation Site Preparation
    Site preparation for Passive Slab installation
  • EPS Passive Foundation Installation
    Expanded polystyrene installation for a passive foundation
  • Insulated Foundation with Radon Barrier
    Insulated foundation with radon barrier
  • Passive Foundation with Underfloor Heating
    Passive foundation with an underfloor heating system
  • Expanded Polystyrene for Foundation
    Insulated foundation showing services and radon barrier
  • Passive House Foundation
    Expanded polystyrene Passive Slab Foundation
  • Passive Foundation
    Passive foundation ready for concrete
  • Concrete pour over EPS for Passive Foundation
    Concrete installation on EPS for a passive foundation system
  • EPS for Passive House
    Pouring concrete on a passive foundation
  • Passive Foundation Reinforcement
    Passive foundation with steel reinforcement
  • Insulated Foundation System with Concrete
    Insulated foundation installed with concrete
  • House on Passive Foundation System
    House with passive foundation system installed

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