KORE External Wall Insulation

KORE External Wall Insulation is a high performance Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation board that is used in conjunction with a composite external thermal insulation system. KORE External consists of rigid boards cut from moulded blocks of EPS. These blocks of EPS are aged between four to six weeks to ensure the insulation is delivered to site to the exacting tolerances required for external insulation products.

KORE External Insulation is available in two grades of material, silver and white, and a range of thicknesses to suit your U-value requirements. Our KORE External Plinth board is also manufactured to a very high density, EPS200, made specifically to insulate the plinth below the damp proof course. EPS has very low water absorption properties, making it an ideal solution at the plinth level.

KORE External Insulation, along with a composite render system, is fixed to the external face of external wall constructions. KORE External is compatible with cavity walls, solid block walls, hollow block walls and timber frame walls. External insulation is suitable for use on both new and existing structures.

KORE External Wall Insulation is resistant to water


KORE External and KORE External Plinth is water repellent. KORE Plinth is designed and manufactured to insulate below the damp proof course and has very low water absorption properties. This makes EPS the perfect solution for Ireland’s climate.

KORE External Wall Insulation is aged 4 to 6 weeks to ensure quality


To ensure KORE External meets the exacting tolerances required for external insulation products, KORE EPS is aged from four to six weeks before the product is delivered to site. This ensures a high quality insulation product every time.

KORE EPS External Wall Insulation is designed to meet and exceed building regulations


KORE External Insulation easily meets and exceeds Ireland’s Building Regulations, including nZEB. External insulation is the ideal solution for Passive House construction and other low energy building methods.

KORE EPS insulation is made from a sustainable material


KORE External Insulation and KORE External Plinth are durable and rot-proof. The product is sustainable and will last the lifetime of the building. At the end of its useful life it can be recycled and re-used as insulation or a variety of other products.


KORE External is the perfect way to insulate a new build or existing building with high levels of insulation without disrupting the inside of the home. KORE External is fixed to the external wall of the building in conjunction with a composite system. This allows the end user to choose the type and colour of finish, like pebbledash, concrete, acrylic, silicone or a mineral render. KORE External can provide very low U-values and is designed to last the lifetime of the building.

KORE supplies external insulation to a range of system holders, including Eco Smart External Insulation, Retrofit Technologies, Sto Ltd. and Weber. View a full list of External Insulation System Holders on the website below. KORE can also supply the external insulation board without a composite system directly to customers.

KORE External is a flexible solution and can be used with most construction types such as cavity walls, solid block walls, hollow block walls and even timber frame walls.

MEET nZEB with KORE External

KORE External Insulation has been designed to meet and exceed the U-value requirements of the proposed Part L 2018, and continues to meet the requirements of Part L 2011.

From 1st November 2019, the proposed U-value requirement for wall insulation in new builds is 0.18W/m2K.

KORE External is available in two grades of materials, white and graphite-enhanced silver. Both types of EPS can be cut to the exact requirements of each individual project, providing a range of U-values that meet and exceed building regulations, including nZEB and other low energy building methods.

KORE External EPS70 Silver160mm0.18W/m2K
KORE External EPS70 Silver170mm0.17W/m2K
KORE External EPS70 Silver200mm0.15W/m2K

Assumptions: Best workmanship is assumed, correction level 0 assumed for air gaps, boards should be fixed with a minimum of 5 fixings per board, or 7 per m/sq.

For more information contact our technical team.

KORE External Wall Insulation on a retrofit development in Co. Dublin

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KORE External Technical Specifications

External Wall Insulation Made From Expanded Polystyrene

Below is a sampling of the technical details available for KORE External wall insulation. KORE External is made from blocks of Expanded Polystyrene that have been aged from four to six weeks. This aging process ensures that every board of external insulation meets the required tolerances before its delivered to site.

All U-value calculations are in accordance with BS EN ISO 6946:2007. Unless stated otherwise inner blocks have a thermal conductivity of 1.13W/mK. Internal finishes unless otherwise stated taken as 12.5mm standard plasterboard with 3mm plaster skim on dabs. Conventional surface resistance; direction of heat flow taken as horizontal. Where applicable air layer is taken as unventilated. Unventilated air layer emissivity surfaces were given due consideration. Corrections for air layers and mechanical fasteners penetrating the insulation layer were considered. A correction factor was applied to calculations for existing buildings. These calculations should act as a guide only. Please contact our technical team for a detailed U-value calculation and condensation risk analysis.

Solid Block Construction – Render, External Wall Insulation, 215mm Block, Plasterboard

New & Existing Buildings
Plasterboard, Block, External Wall Insulation, Render
InsulationKORE External EPS70 WhiteKORE External EPS70 Silver
U-Value W/m2K
Cavity Wall Construction – Render, External Wall Insulation, 100mm Block, 150mm Cavity Wall Insulation, 100mm Block, Plasterboard. The following U-values show a U-value with 150mm KORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK) installed in the cavity.

Existing Buildings
Plasterboard, Block, Cavity, Block, Insulation, Render
InsulationKORE External EPS70 WhiteKORE External EPS70 Silver
U-Value (W/m2K)
150mm Diamond Bead + 20mm External Insulation0.190.18
150mm Diamond Bead + 50mm External Insulation0.170.15
150mm Diamond Bead + 100mm External Insulation0.140.12
150mm Diamond Bead + 120mm External Insulation0.130.11
150mm Diamond Bead + 150mm External Insulation0.120.10
150mm Diamond Bead + 175mm External Insulation0.110.09
150mm Diamond Bead + 200mm External Insulation0.100.09
150mm Diamond Bead + 250mm External Insulation0.090.08
150mm Diamond Bead + 300mm External Insulation0.080.07
Cavity Wall Construction – Retrofit Application (KORE Fill Diamond and KORE External Insulation)

Cavity WidthCavity MaterialEWI MaterialThickness of EWIU-Value
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver50mm0.28
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver60mm0.26
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver70mm0.24
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver80mm0.22
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver90mm0.21
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver100mm0.19
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver110mm0.18
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver120mm0.17
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver130mm0.16
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver140mm0.15
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver150mm0.15
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver200mm0.12
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver250mm0.10
50mmKORE Fill Diamond (0.033W/mK)EPS70 Silver300mm0.09
KORE External Insulation

MaterialThermal Conductivity
KORE External EPS70 White0.037W/mK
KORE External EPS70 Silver0.031W/mK
KORE External EPS200 White0.033W/mK

Thermal Resistance

KORE External EPS70 WhiteKORE External EPS70 SilverKORE External EPS200 White
Thickness (mm)Thermal Resistance (m2.K/W)

KORE External Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions about KORE External Insulation. For additional information please contact our sales or technical team.

Is KORE External a complete insulation system?

No. KORE External is the insulation board that is used as part of a complete external wall insulation system and does not include the composite render system. There are many external insulation system holders that utilise KORE EPS as part of its EWI solution. These companies include Kilsaren, STO, Retrofit Technologies, Greenzone Products, SIG (Weber System), Quilter Insulation, EcoCelt, EcoSmart and Blue Build Energy. Contact information is available further on down this page.

How long does external wall insulation take to install?

The time it takes to install external wall insulation depends on the size of the building and specific site conditions. If scaffolding is needed or there are fixtures to remove from the external walls this could add to the time. It certain circumstances it may be necessary to obtain the appropriate permits from local authorities. Most external insulation jobs take between one and three weeks from start to finish. Inclement weather could also cause delays. As the insulation is installed outside of the home it is not as disruptive to occupants as other products like internal wall dry lining. Speak with your installer to learn more about the installation timeline and what to expect during the process.

Do KORE install external insulation?

No. We are a manufacturer of the EPS insulation board used as part of a complete EWI system. We do not install external wall insulation, however we may be able to recommend a contractor in your area who can help. You may also view our list of KORE Fill Installers as many offer external insulation services.

Can external insulation meet nZEB requirements?

Yes! External insulation made from EPS can easily meet and achieve the requirements of Part L 2011 and Part L 2018, including nearly zero energy building. In addition, KORE External is the perfect solution for Passive House projects and other low energy building methods. External insulation is compatible with many wall construction types making it a versatile solution.

Is KORE External a certified system?

KORE External is only the insulation board as part of a complete external wall insulation system. The system holder will have the relevant certifications. Please speak directly with the system holder to obtain these certificates. We can provide Declaration of Performance Certificates for the EPS material itself, along with technical details for EPS.

KORE External System Holders

Eco Smart External Insulation Ltd


Cloontrask, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon
T 094 9620712
E sales@ecosmart.ie
W www.ecosmart.ie
System – Atlas/Aval

Premium Facades Logo


Unit 78, Cherry Orchard Industrial Estate, Dublin 10
T 01 6308680
E sales@premiumfacades.ie
W www.premiumfacades.ie
System – Cantillana

Kilsaren International


Piercetown, Dunboyne, Co. Meath
T 01 8026300
E info@kilsaran.ie
W www.kilsaran.ie
System – Ceresit

Sto Ltd


E7 Riverview Business Park, Nangor Road, Clondalkin, DublinT 01 460 2305
System – StoTherm

Green Zone Products Ltd


Clondrinagh Industrial Estate
Ennis Rd, Limerick
T 06 151 3271
W www.greenzoneproducts.ie
System – Atlas/Aval

SIG Facades


SIG Ireland Turnpike Road
Ballymount, Dublin 22
T 01 427 0888
E enquiries@sigfacades.ie
System – WEBER

Blue Build Energy


Unit 1, BlueBuild Business Park, 210 Quarry Heights, Newtownards, Co. Down BT23 7SZ
T 0800 0684 099
info@bluebuildenergy.comW www.bluebuildenergy.com
System – Soltherm

Eco Celt Ltd


Golf Links Road,
Co. Leitrim
T 087 274 0529
W www.ecocelt.com
System – STOMIX

KORE External Insulation on detached house

KORE External Downloads

The following is a sample of technical documents available for KORE External Insulation. For the complete technical library please join the KORE Resource Centre.

  • Download the KORE External Insulation Design Guide (Part L 2011)Download
  • Download the KORE External Insulation New Build Design Guide (Part L 2019)Download
  • Download the KORE External Insulation Retrofit Design Guide (Part L 2019)Download
  • Download the KORE External Insulation Brochure (Part L 2019)Download
  • Download the KORE External Insulation BIM Object FilesDownload

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published:21 Sep 2018