Floor Insulation Solutions

KORE offers a range of floor insulation solutions made from our high quality Expanded Polystyrene. KORE’s EPS floor insulation offers high quality performance for new build and retrofit applications, and can easily meet Part L 2019, nZEB and other low energy building method requirements. Learn more about our product offerings below.

KORE Floor Insulation in cavity wall build up with underfloor heating

KORE Floor is a cost-effective floor insulating solution manufactured from rigid boards of Expanded Polystyrene. KORE Floor is available in two high-performance material grades, White and graphite-enhanced Silver.

KORE Floor can easily meet and exceed the requirements of Part L 2019 at a cost-optimal level that is often times much less than competing floor insulation materials available on the market.

KORE Floor is Guaranteed Irish, EPD certified and is NSAI certified (Agrément No 04/0097). Learn more about KORE Floor today. 

KORE Insulated Foundation System with KORE Fill Cavity Wall Insulation
KORE Insulated Foundation System Logo

The KORE Insulated Foundation System is an innovative foundation insulating solution that replaces the need for a traditional raft or strip foundation. This cost-effective insulated foundation system wraps the entire foundation of the building in a continuous layer of Expanded Polystyrene insulation, virtually eliminating thermal bridging at the wall-to-floor junction.

KORE’s Insulated Foundation System is fully engineered to the requirements of each individual site, and can easily be scaled to meet the needs of even the largest housing developments, reducing costs and time. It can be used with most build types including cavity wall, solid block, ICF, SIPs and timber frame. 

KORE’s Insulated Foundation System is Guaranteed Irish, EPD Certified and NSAI Certified (20/0424).

KORE T-Beam Insulation 3D image
KORE T-Beam Insulation Logo

KORE T-Beam is an alternative, high-performance floor insulating solution for traditional block and beam floors. KORE’s t-beam solution is ideal for applications with poor ground conditions. KORE T-Beam minimises thermal bridging at the wall-to-floor junction and ensures proper air tightness throughout the building’s envelope.

KORE T-Beam Insulation is Guaranteed Irish and EPD Certified and can used with a variety of t-beam systems available on the market.

KORE XPS Insulation Boards stacked

KORE XPS is a high performance insulation board that can be utilised for a variety of applications, including floor insulation. KORE XPS offers a high compressive strength for use in ground floors and basements, industrial and agricultural applications and civil engineering applications.

KORE XPS is water, moisture and freeze resistant, making it the ideal solution for applications that require a high compressive strength insulating solution for the Irish climate.

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