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How to Heat Your Home: Heat Pumps 101

Posted on Wed, Mar 21, 2018 @ 01:47 PM

A consistent, comfortable indoor environment is one of the main benefits of a properly insulated home. A building with high levels of insulation requires less energy demand to heat and cool and can keep temperatures relatively level regardless of the outdoor air temperature. Combined with industry best practices, like paying attention to air tightness and thermal bridging, insulation reduces strain on heating systems, allowing it to run more efficiently and for shorter periods of time.

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Tags: Better Energy Homes Scheme, Heat Pumps

Transforming a Derelict House into a Low Energy Gem with KORE Deep Retrofit

Posted on Fri, Feb 9, 2018 @ 02:29 PM


The derelict house pictured above, located in Killinkere on the outskirts of Virginia, Co. Cavan has sat in a dormant state since the Smith family moved house in 1985. Measuring in at 108.30m2 (1,162 square feet), this derelict cottage received a pre-BER rating of 'G', using 960.01 Kwh/m2/yr, putting it at the bottom of the building energy rating scale. Included in the 2017 Cavan Better Energy Communities Scheme funded in part by SEAI, KORE set out on a mission to re-build and retrofit, bringing it inline with today's building regulations and energy standards. 

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Tags: EPS, expanded polystyrene, Cavan Better Energy Communities Scheme, Low Energy House

From 'G' Rating to 'A1': KORE's Deep Retrofit a Success

Posted on Tue, Jan 9, 2018 @ 04:03 PM


In 2017, KORE participated in SEAI's Better Energy Communities Scheme. This involved the deep retrofit of several homes, businesses and community organisations in and around the Cavan area. With partial funding provided by SEAI, and the help of some of the best contractors in Ireland, KORE achieved excellent results across the entire scheme.

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Tags: Deep Retrofit, Cavan Better Energy Communities Scheme

KORE Insulation 2017: A Year in Review

Posted on Wed, Dec 20, 2017 @ 04:27 PM

2017 was another big year here at KORE. Like most businesses we've had our fair share of challenges, but it's what we make of these times that truly sets us apart from the rest. We continued to prove that we are a team that works great together, collaborating on some of the biggest projects we've had in the history of the company. We've also celebrated some big milestones, and welcomed new team members as we continue to grow.

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Tags: KORE

Key Changes Announced for SEAI's Better Energy Homes Scheme

Posted on Thu, Dec 14, 2017 @ 02:23 PM



Starting 15th January 2018, there will be a number of changes to SEAI's Better Energy Homes Scheme, a programme that offers cash grants to homeowners looking to upgrade energy efficiency measures in their homes. This includes grants for insulation, heating systems and BER assessments. To qualify, applicants must own a home built before 2006, but the scheme is not means tested.

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Tags: Insulation Grants, Heating Systems, Better Energy Homes Scheme

What is BIM and What Does it Mean for the Construction Industry?

Posted on Tue, Nov 21, 2017 @ 05:52 PM


BIM, or Building Information Modeling, has been making headlines across the industry for some time now. You may have heard about it during industry conferences, read about it in industry publications or you may be using BIM already yourself. Building Information Modeling can be a powerful tool for architects, engineers and construction industry professionals, so we thought it would be a good idea to write a short blog post on what BIM is, and what it can help you and your business achieve. Let's start with the basics. 

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Tags: EPS, BIM, Building Information Modeling

KORE Celebrates 20 Years in Business in 2017

Posted on Thu, Sep 21, 2017 @ 01:08 PM


This year Airpacks Ltd t/a KORE celebrated our 20th year in business. Located in Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan, Airpacks opened its doors in 1997 manufacturing tonge and groove cavity wall insulation and floor insulation. Over the past 20 years we've grown from a small family business to a team of 36. We've increased our product offerings to include insulated foundation systems, KORE Fill Bonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation, roof and wall ventilation and a variety of other solutions made from EPS. 

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Tags: KORE

All You Need to Know About KORE Expanded Polystyrene

Posted on Tue, Sep 5, 2017 @ 02:12 PM


Expanded Polystyrene is fast becoming one of the most commonly used insulation materials across Ireland. Used for a variety of insulation applications, EPS is found in cavity walls when used as bonded bead cavity wall insulation, rigid boards for floor insulation, insulated foundation systems and external wall insulation systems. The closed-cell nature of EPS means you're insulating with 98 percent air. The material is lightweight, easy to handle and can be cut on-site or when manufactured. The material can easily be used to achieve low energy building standards, and is available in a variety of densities depending on the needs of your project.

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Tags: EPS, expanded polystyrene

Insulation Series: How KORE Fill Cavity Wall Insulation is Installed

Posted on Wed, Aug 23, 2017 @ 01:03 PM


Many homes in Ireland and across the UK are built using a cavity wall construction. This means that there is a gap or 'cavity' between the inner and outer leaf. Depending on when your home was built, this cavity could be filled with bonded bead cavity wall insulation, partial fill insulation, rigid insulation boards, foam and even blown mineral fibre. There are even many homes across Ireland that have no insulation at all.

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Tags: insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, expanded polystyrene, KORE Fill

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather

Posted on Wed, Aug 9, 2017 @ 03:28 PM


While the warmer weather may still be upon us, it's never too early to start thinking about preparing your home for the colder weather. Getting your home ready for the autumn and winter months is a great way to protect your investment while ensuring your family is comfortable when the temperatures drop. In our latest post on the KORE Blog, let's take a look at how to prepare your home for the winter weather without breaking the bank.

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Tags: insulation, Insulation Grants, Energy Efficiency

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