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What is the KORE Insulated Foundation System?

The KORE Insulated Foundation System fully insulates the foundation of the home and is designed to deliver some of the lowest U-values available on the market, all while virtually eliminating the critical wall-to-floor cold bridge. Essentially, the Insulated Foundation System wraps the entire foundation of the home in layer of Expanded Polystyrene to insulate the home from the ground up.

KORE’s Insulated Foundation System ensures there is a thermal break between the wall and foundation, eliminating thermal bridging at one of a building’s most common junctions. When combined with building best practices, the Insulated Foundation System ensures an air tight, super-insulated home designed to surpass building regulations and achieve high Building Energy Ratings – including Passive House Certification and other low energy building methods.

KORE’s Insulated Foundation System is fully NSAI Certified under certificate number 20/0424.

How Does the Insulated Foundation System Work?

KORE’s Insulated Foundation System consists of three KORE EPS components: KORE Floor EPS100 White, KORE Floor EPS200 White and KORE Floor EPS300 White. The system provides an efficient insulating layer to reduce the thermal transmittance of ground concrete floors. An in situ concrete slab is poured on top of the KORE Insulated Foundation System. 

The edge profiled EPS300 ring-beam forms are laid out on the blinding layer in their precise positions and held together using U Pins or PU adhesive. This forms the perimeter of the foundation. EPS300 blocks are then positioned under internal load bearing and/or party walls. EPS100 and EPS200 sheets are placed inside the ring-beam edge forms laid with with closely butted joints. Subsequent layers are fitted with a break bonded pattern and fitted tightly at the edges and around any service penetrations. 

A damp-proof membrane (DPM) should be laid between the or below the layers of EPS, with joints taped to prevent the passage of ground moisture. The barrier should be carried up and over the the upstand lip of the EPS300 ring-beam until it meets and seals with the stepped damp proof course of the external wall.

Reinforcement is installed as per the drawings and schedules provided by the design engineer, which will vary depending on the layer, superstructure and loading. The image the to the left shows the various components in a completed foundation system. 

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KORE Insulated Foundation Technical Specifications

A Complete Foundation System Made From EPS

All U-value calculations are in accordance with BS EN ISO 6946:2007. Ground floor U-value calculations are different from wall and roof calculations in that reference to construction detail alone is not sufficient to calculate the U-value. The floor area and perimeter of the external wall and thickness of the wall must be known to calculate floor U-values correctly. For more information on our calculations assumptions please reference the NSAI Agrement Certificate. 

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U-Value (W/mk2)












Floor U-values are based on 300mm EPS100 on soil. 

Insulated Foundation System Benefits

Reduced concrete requirements

KORE’s Insulated Foundation System reduces the amount of concrete required for the foundation between 50 and 60 percent. This reduces your costs for both material and labour, making an insulated foundation a cost effective solution for your next new build or extension.

Eliminate the wall to floor cold bridge

KORE’s Insulated Foundation System virtually eliminates the critical wall-to-floor cold bridge. EPS is used to wrap the junction in a continuous layer of insulation, ensuring the wall to floor thermal bridge is eliminated and there is no break in insulation between the non-insulating materials. 

Provides seriously low U-values

KORE’s Insulated Foundation System can achieve U-values much lower than those required by Part L 2019 and nZEB. Typical U-values provided by the foundation system range from 0.10W/m2K to 0.11W/m2K depending on the specifications of the project. Our technical department can provide U-value calculations as part of the quotation process.

Lasts the building's lifetime

Like all of KORE’s EPS products, the Insulated Foundation System is designed to last the lifetime of the building. The thermal performance of EPS will not diminish over time, is water and moisture resistant, and eliminates the possibility of condensation, mould growth and fungus behind the skirting board. 

Exceptional compressive strength

KORE’s Insulated Foundation System works much like a traditional raft foundation. The EPS element is specifically designed and cut to suit the building type for installation. The foundation’s exceptional compressive strength makes the product suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Heavy internal loads can easily be accommodated onto the insulated foundation by thickening the slab to 100mm and by installing EPS300 under the thickened slab area.

Suitable for most ground conditions

KORE’s Insulated Foundation System is suitable for a wide variety of ground conditions and is specifically engineered to meet the requirements of the site. The foundation system can be used in soft ground conditions as the system allows the weight of the structure to be transferred throughout the slab. 

Suitable for a variety of build types

KORE’s Insulated Foundation system is suitable for most construction types. This includes insulated concrete formwork (ICF), steel frame, traditional block and timber frame houses. KORE’s Insulated Foundation can also be used with off-site builds. Speak with a member of our sales or technical team for more information.

Complete with Environmental Product Declaration

KORE EPS has received a third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration from EPD Ireland and the Irish Green Building Council. This lifecycle analysis can be used towards achieving low energy building standards like LEED, BREEAM and Home Performance Index (HPI). 

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A 360-Degree View of the Insulated Foundation System

Rotate the 3D image below to explore KORE’s Insulated Foundation System. The image can be rotated on the X and Y axis. For more information please contact our technical department.

Technical Downloads

The following is a sample of technical documents available for the KORE Insulated Foundation System. For the complete library, please join the KORE Resource Centre.

KORE Insulated Foundation System Brochure – Part L 2019

KORE Insulated Foundation System – NSAI Certificate 

KORE Insulated Foundation System – Construction Details 

KORE Environmental Product Declaration 

published:10 Aug 2020