Upgrade Your Existing Build with KORE

From insulation, draught proofing and ventilation to pipe insulation, tank jackets and installation accessories, KORE has you covered for your next retrofit project.

Solutions for Existing Builds

KORE offers a variety of solutions for retrofit and existing builds. In fact, many of KORE’s EPS insulation solutions can be utilised for shallow and deep retrofit projects in both the commercial and domestic space.

In addition to insulation solutions, KORE offers a wide range of other energy efficiency products including draught proofing, ventilation, pipe insulation, cold and hot water tank jackets and installation accessories. Many of these items can be purchase through the online shop.

KORE Ventilation Solutions for Existing Builds

Ventilation Solutions

KORE offers a variety of ventilation solutions for nearly every application. Our current range includes tile and slate ventilators, hit & miss ventilators, louvre ventilators, soffit ventilators and proprietary vents.

Ventilation solutions can be purchased directly from our website, or for high volume orders you can request a customised ventilation quotation directly from our technical sales team.

Draught Proofing Solutions for Retrofit

Draught Proofing Solutions

Draught proofing is one of the most cost effective ways to save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs. KORE offers a variety of draught proofing solutions depending on your needs and application.

KORE’s draught proofing solutions are suitable for windows, doors, chimneys, fireplaces, floorboards, skirting boards, loft hatches, letter boxes and pipework. It’s important that draught proofing products are not used to block or seal intentional ventilation – doing so could reduce the amount of fresh, dry air allowed to enter the home or office. When draught proofing is installed correctly you could see a savings of up to 10 percent off your heating bill, along with a more comfortable indoor environment.

Pipe Insulation for Existing Builds

Pipe Insulation

KORE supplies pipe insulation from Tubolit. Our pipe insulation is twice the thickness of other brands currently available on the market. Our products offer a durable, economical solution to reduce heat loss from pipes, and prevent pipes from freezing during the winter months. 

The thermal conductivity of KORE Pipe Insulation is 0.035W/mK at 0°C and 0.039W/mK at 40°C. When it comes to thermal performance, we won’t be beat. KORE Pipe Insulation saves energy on hot and cold water plumbing. By insulating pipes, they will not freeze in cold weather and will help to minimise water heating costs.

KORE Pipe Insulation is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses to ensure every pipe in the home is well insulated. KORE Pipe Insulation by Tubolit can be used on both the interior and exterior of the building.

KORE Hot & Cold Water Tank Jackets

Hot & Cold Water Tank Jackets

KORE supply both hot and cold water tank lagging jackets. Ideal for the insulation of hot water cylinders of all types, hot water lagging jackets help reduce energy consumption while keeping hot water up to temperature for longer periods of time.

KORE’s Cold Water Tank Jackets are designed to stop tanks from freezing during cold weather. It prevents bacteria growth within the tank and stops dust, insects and other foreign objects for entering the water used within the home.

All kits are supplied with complete fitting instructions and all the necessary items to install easily in just a few minutes.

KORE Insulation Accessories - Shop the Online Store

Insulation Accessories

KORE offer a wide range of insulation accessories, including hoses, fittings, drill bits, safety equipment and cavity wall insulation accessories. Shop online from the convenience of your home, office or jobsite with nationwide delivery.

If you’re interested in larger quantities of any of the products available on the KORE Online Shop you can simply request a quotation through our website, or call us directly on +353 49 4336998.